How to Get Most of the Flyer Distribution Campaign?


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Are you trying to find proven details on how you can get most of your flyer distribution campaign? Look no further! Alibaba Printing can show you how you can achieve it, based on years of experience in this line of work and industry.


Giving of flyers is planned and not just because you want to do it for no reason. It always has marketing goals that you want to achieve for your business. Before starting the distribution campaign, there are certain issues that you need to look into first.


  • What is your message that you want your receiver to understand? What are you trying to do? Is it an opening event? A promo? Or both? Make sure the flyer is ready with the perfect details. There is no turning back once you approve the design for printing hundreds or thousands of copies.


  • Timing is everything. Paper is not durable and won’t last long. Check the local weather forecast for heavy winds, rain, snow, etc. Adjust the schedule if there will be weather troubles on the day of your distribution. Holidays are the busiest, and you’ll be competing with the decorations all around like during Christmas or Halloween, so take note that spaces might not be available as the regular days, better prepare ahead.


  • Who is your target audience? Can a general audience read your flyer or more specific ones? Handing the flyers out to people is one thing, but giving them to the RIGHT individuals is another thing.


  • Method of distribution. You have a few choices in distributing the flyers:

– Hanging of flyers in the community or public areas.

– Stack flyers in high-traffic locations.

– Hand the flyers directly to individuals.

– Door-to-door or car-to-car.


Whatever you choose, you need to consider the quantity and time of getting rid of them all. Another thing to remember is to get the necessary PERMIT or PERMISSIONS before the campaign day.


  • Experienced distribution team. Doing it alone will take you a lot of time, but distributing with a team will give you quick results. If you don’t have a support team from your company, you can hire a team from marketing or flyering agency that has monitoring and reporting after every campaign did to keep you updated.


  • Geographic and demographic targeting. Local businesses can target a specific location that can benefit from their products or services. Demographics are selecting specific people when handing out the flyers who can benefit from the message of the flyer to get a higher success rate.


True that flyers and distributing them is affordable, but you can throw money away if you are not doing it right. Many businesses would fail at looking at these issues and end up wasting paper, money, and time. You can create a smart plan to help you with your flyer campaign to get the most out of it and achieve your personal goals and marketing plans.



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