How to Make a T-Shirt Design? Ultimate T-Shirt printing Services Singapore Guide


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The most popular item in the apparel category is the t-shirt. And in business, the more popular the product is, the tougher the competition will be in the market.


Below is the ultimate t-shirt printing services Singapore guide to help you make the perfect t-shirt design.


  • Look for design ideas.

Take note of beliefs, styles, and key themes you want your brand to be popular with.


  • Discover various design elements.

You utilize line drawings, typography, images, illustration as the base of your design. You can mix and match elements to create the perfect design. Keep in mind that the smallest design details tell a thousand words. To be safe, stick with forms and shapes that are recognizable from a distance and up-close.


  • Choose the color strategically.

Visuals matter a lot. Each color can affect how people see your products and brand. Learn about color psychology and the basics of color theory. Also, take note of other technical aspects like the color of the shirt when choosing the colors for the design or font, making sure it’s readable or clear.


  • Finding the right type of shirt.

The V-neck, polo, and crew neck are some of the t-shirts that you can choose. Who is your target market, and what is the goal you set for your brand? The polo shirt is not the best choice for the urban feel or streetwear shoppers, a cropped or baggy tees might be a perfect choice.


  • Printing Methods

Various printing methods would depend on quantity, colors, budget, and the intricacy of design details. Discover the options you have to make sure it fits your preference, goals, and finances. There are other flexible printing techniques. It is best to be aware of what you are working with while you still have the time to do the needed adjustments to the designs that you have. The three popular printing methods are screen printing, sublimation printing, and direct-to-garment.


  • Create your designs.

Once you have the idea, make the actual design. There are ways on how you can achieve this. First, is you do the designing yourself. If you have the skills and tools, creating it won’t be that hard for you. If it’s your first time, Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop might not be a good choice in editing your design because of the learning process. Second, you can hire a designer. Not everyone is as talented as the others when it comes to creating a design. You can always pay for professional graphic designers to help you out. Most printing companies have in-house graphic designers that you can count on.


  • Products generators of your printer.

Most of the printers have product generators. It allows you to make designs easily. If you don’t have the time or do not want to bother yourself in finding a design software and setting the print size and quality appropriately, this might be the perfect option for you. If you are confused and not ready to buy any printer, you can test your creativity through a mockup generator.


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