How to make an Effective Posters

How to make an Effective Posters

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In the business industry, there are a lot of

marketing strategies implemented in every

company in marketing their product. There

are 4 types of marketing strategy which is

called 4 P’s, the product, the

place/distribution, price and promotion. Now

in these, 4 types of marketing strategy, the

promotion takes a huge part on it because

this where the company attracts or convince

the potential buyer to buy their product.



Print Ads



One of the most common thing that the companies does in terms of promotion id=s by

making print ads or posters.  Since posters are much bigger than any print ads, it is

known to be more effective than any other print ads. But the question is how to make an

effective poster? Effective poster delivers good image and attracts people by its catchy




Tips for an Effective Poster



  1. Choose an image that is appropriate for the product.
  2. Choose the right kind of colour that would complement to the image.
  3. Choose the right kind of words that would attract the customers.
  4. Do not overdo the posters. This is one of the common mistake in advertising the product. Choose minimal materials when doing posters. The lesser the better.



These are just some of the many tips how to make an effective poster. However, it is still

in the hands of advertisers what idea would they want to implement that they think would

be the right choice to attract potential buyers.


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