How to Make Customized Lanyards?


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What Goes on a Lanyard?



Do you want to show your photo ID in a more professional and presentable way? Or display your member identification and event credentials respectably? If your answer is yes, then you need high-quality and affordable customized lanyards that can feature your event name, company name, brand logo, attractive colors, and many more!


There are several ways on how you can do this and make it work for your business. You can do this through a lanyard builder online or with the help of an independent or in-house graphics designer of a printing company.


Lanyard Customization of Artwork or Logo


There is a wide array of lanyards available that you can choose from. But if you decide to add your company name, logo, or other artwork, customizing it is an awesome way to advertise your business. The following are the printing options that you should know:


  • Dye Sublimation – this method gives you long-lasting and high-quality print. It is recommended to designs or logos that are complicated.
  • Silk Screen – it is the most common technique. It is best for simple logos and text. When it comes to pricing, it offers the lowest cost.
  • Woven – your custom design will be extremely durable because it is woven in. This is recommended for large projects.


The options for lanyard color and print combinations are endless. You can choose silkscreen on the micro-weave, woven on polyester, or dye sublimation on the ultra weave. You need to talk to the printing company about what they offer and if they meet your preferences.


Choices for Lanyard Finishing


How do you want the lanyards finished? You can choose to have ends crimped with a metal or sewn. There is also a safety breakaway option incase the lanyard will be caught or tugged onto something; the wearer can easily break away from the situation.


Breakaway lanyards are best for healthcare facilities, schools, and other organizations, particularly the industrial sector.


Attachment Choices 


How do you want the ID badge to attach to the custom lanyard? Here is a list of the following attachments you can take note of:


  • Metal swivel hook – it can keep the ID badge face forward all the time.
  • Bulldog clip – it is an attachment that is non-swivel, and it is very easy to use.
  • Swivel badge clip – it attaches to the ID badge and makes sure it faces forward.
  • Split ring – usually used with the wearer’s chosen strap clip.


Sample Steps Using an Online Lanyard Builder


If you want to create your design, it is easy and quick when you do it online. Here is a sample of the steps:


Step 1: Choose a printing method you prefer. Available options may be the following: dye sublimation, silkscreen, and woven.


Step 2: Select the size for your lanyard.

There are various thicknesses you can choose from.


Step 3: Add the image or text. You can use your brand logo, name, and other crucial elements of your design.


Step 4: Choose the type of attachment you like. You can select from various styles available.


Step 5: Choose the finishing option you prefer. After choosing one of the finishing choices, you can finalize your custom lanyard.

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