How to Make Printed Gift Bags for Giveaways?


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Ever thought about using printed gift bags as giveaways, but you want to make it by yourself? Alibaba Printing will show some tips in this article to help you finish your project.


Paper bags have many purposes, and they are used in different industries and businesses, mainly for packaging goods or products. Aside from such, on the marketing side of the business, it’s an awesome tool for promotion. The huge space it provides allows you to print your business logo, message, etc. It is has been used as a giveaway packaging for many types of events with cool and eye-catching designs.


Now, if you want to make print the paper bags on your own, it may not be that easy, which is why others prefer to let professional printing companies do this to ensure quality and professional-looking gift bags. So, let’s begin with the general steps below.



  • You can download a design online for the specific size of the paper bag that you want to use or start from scratch in creating one using editing software like Adobe Photoshop, etc.


  • There is a trick that you need to remember: in your printer settings, create a custom printing size. Look at the size of the paper bag that you want to use, and put the exact dimensions of every bag, and label them properly. You can input the “gift bag” or “giveaway bag” in your printer settings.


  • Second, make sure that when you feed the bag in the printer, the bottom of the bag is facing up.


  • Lastly, look at your printer settings and see to it that it is set to print horizontally. Doing this will make sure that when it prints, the design and words will be correct when someone reads it once you fill your paper bag.



Other tips for you: print in the middle part of the bag and not on the thicker bottom part because the extra paper on that area could create smudges, and you don’t want that to happen. And, buy the uncoated and non-glossy paper bags so that the ink will dry and won’t rub off.


DIY is good if you have the time, equipment, materials, and technical knowledge in editing and setting up your printer. If you are doing this to produce only minimal bags for certain or simple occasions, doing so will also unleash your creative side. But, if this is all too time-consuming and you don’t have the materials, you don’t know how to edit, you don’t have the printer, and you think you are not creative enough, then let the printing companies help you.


One of the main concerns of doing DIY is to save money, but you could spend up more and wasting paper bags if you don’t know what you are doing. Printing companies like Alibaba Printing have various print packages that are budget-friendly for minimal and bulk printing. You don’t need to worry about the cost because it’s an investment worth every cent, especially if you see the receiver pleased with the gift bag. If it’s for business purposes, then you need that positive impact.


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