How to Make Printed Paper Bags?

How to Make Printed Paper Bags?


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Can You Print On Kraft Paper?

Can You Print On Paper Bags?


Printing on paper bags may sound hard, and only printing companies usually are capable of doing so. Still, with today’s development in technology, printers are more high tech and made it possible for other people to do it at home or order in bulk at a cheaper cost.


To give you an idea of how it’s done, here are steps on how to make printed paper bags.


  1. Making of Design

This is the first and primary step. It usually is created through a software like photoshop by adding graphics and other elements.


What is the concept that you would like to have for your paper bag? Is it for an event? A gift? A marketing idea? Or a giveaway? You or your graphic designer would know the right color combination considering the type or color of paper bags you’ll be using.


From the beginning of the design, the setting is set according to the size of the paper bag to make sure that everything is in the right proportion.


But simple designs would make it look more logical than putting too many design elements since the lifespan of a paper bag is short, not unless it’s collected as souvenirs. It will wear out in the long run.


  1. Printing preparation

The paper bag size is not bigger than the printer, not unless you’re a printing company with a particular machine, primarily intended for bigger sized paper bags.


The paper bag is laid flat as much as possible to avoid any dangers of edges getting caught or lifted during the printing process. You may use masking tape to hold the ends of the paper bag together. If it gets stuck, the printer could be damaged and may create more problems in the long run.


  1. Loading the paper bag in the printer

Before printing, the paper bag needs to be loaded correctly in the printer. To achieve the right position and print the image on the correct side, the bottom tapes side should go in first since the reverse side will result in an upside-down image.


Essential things to take note


  • An opaque bag can give you the best picture.
  • Fade and water-resistant paints are preferable.
  • The printer setting should be set to “heavy” paper.
  • There are printers that give the best printing quality. Not all printers can print paper bags.
  • Cheaper printers that are only designed for basic home or office use may not give you the best quality and color.
  • Printing on small capacity printer too many copies may cause it to burn out and malfunction.




  1.  Can a silkscreen be used on a paper bag?– Not very effective.
  2.  How to make printed paper bags with handles?– You can slowly remove the handles of the paper bag carefully and reattach it later after the printing is done.
  3.  Can I turn brown bags as gift bags? – Yes, you need a few materials such as PanPastel sponge, Rembrandt’s words stencil, and paint. It’s all about being creative.




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