How to Print Circle Labels: Sticker Printing in Singapore Basics


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Do you want to print circle labels on your own? Alibaba Printing will show you the sticker printing in Singapore basics that will help you on your journey to DIY printing at home.


It’s easy to print a circle using software like Avery Design Pro or Microsoft Word. Many people would think that there are rectangular or squared-shape blank labels, actually it comes in different sizes and also in a circular shape. Below is a list of steps on what you can do to make the circle label on your own. Read on to know the full details.


Through Microsoft Word

  • Open Microsoft word, select FILE, then click NEW.
  • Choose BLANK DOCUMENT, click MAILINGS tab. CREATE group, choose LABELS.
  • Choose OPTIONS from ENVELOPES AND LABELS box. Choose the brand of the labels and product number that you will use. For example, for Avery Labels – #5294, choose AVERY LETTER from LABEL VENDOR drop-down menu, and then from the product number drop-down choose 5294. Click OK once completed.
  • Select NEW DOCUMENT from ENVELOPE AND LABELS box wherein the new document of blank labels will open. You can start typing just like the Word document.
  • Put the blank labels in your printer. You can now print the circle labels by choosing FILE, then PRINT. You can also save your document for another printing set in the future.


Through Avery Design Pro

If you don’t have the Avery Design Pro software yet, you can download it from the website of Avery.


  • Open the Design Pro software then choose DESIGN FROM SCRATCH.
  • Choose a label template from the drop-down list you will see. For example, choose 5294 then click on OK. If you can’t find the number on the list, you can use the software’s search feature. If you want the pre-installed template to be used for your round label, choose PRE-DESIGNED TEMPLATE, and then look for the label number in the folders found on the left, then choose the label number.
  • You can add photos, graphics, text, and clip art to the circle label by simply types in the file or document using the toolbar icons so that you can insert and then edit the text and images.
  • Put the blank labels in your printer then choose PRINT from the FILE menu or click the toolbar icon printing. Save the labels by choosing SAVE from the FILE menu or simply cling the toolbar icon to save the file.


Pretty simple, right? If you need help on the more technical side of printing the labels and more complicated designs that are professional looking for your business at the same time, you can always call Alibaba Printing, especially if you need to print in bulks.


The best thing about hiring professionals to do the printing job for you is that you can just sit and wait for the labels to be done. Plus it’s not that expensive. In fact, it is affordable and perfect for those who need it for business purposes.


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