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Do you have vinyl decals, and you want to keep them looking impressive, just like the day when you first placed them? Small or large vinyl decals on your storefront, vehicle, wall or floor, all have general rules that you need to know to maintain their look. If you wish to know more, then read this fill sticker printing Singapore article.


How to take care of decals from the start?


The right decal care begins during the installation time. Before installing one, you need to see that the surface you want your decal to stick on is clean. Decals won’t stick to areas that are not clean. Plus, the dirt behind it can make the decal have bumps or spots that will make the graphics look unattractive.


When cleaning the surface, use rubbing alcohol and a clean cloth when wiping down the area where you want to place the decals. Make sure that you do not use an ammonia-based window cleaner. It will affect the bonding agent of the decal. It will make the decal not stick well and diminish its longevity. Follow all the instructions provided after you clean the surface thoroughly and make sure that you place the decal appropriately.


How to restore color to vinyl decals?


Due to the harsh weather and exposure to ultraviolet light, the vinyl will disrupt and become dry. It’s natural for a dye to fade and break after a while, no matter how durable the plastic vinyl is. As the oils penetrate the vinyl, they will either seep out or volatilize the plastic. Moreover, when it vaporizes, the dye will break down at different levels and periods.


Vinyl will undergo oxidation when aging, producing chalk-like residue. This residue can make your image blurred and obscure the color of the decal. The risk of color fading due to the aging of your wall decal, business door decal, and elevator door decal is present, which is why you will want to know how to refurbish its color and clean the decal.


To bring back the color and restore the health of your vinyl decals, use a restorative product designed for vinyl and follow these steps below:


  • Use a soft cloth, water, and detergent to take care of any apparent dirt on the decal. In case you see some molds, use sodium percarbonate detergent to do away with the substance. Don’t scrub too hard, or use a scrubbing pad because this will harm the vinyl.


  • Rinse off the decals using water when you finished removing the molds and dirt. Let them dry for a while.


  • Wipe them off with rubbing alcohol when the decal is dry already. Wipe the surface gently and make sure that it is totally clean.


  • Lastly, when the vinyl is thoroughly clean, coat it with a vinyl restoring product.


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