Injecting Humor in Flyer Printing and Distribution

Injecting Humor in Flyer Printing and Distribution




Marketing is always set as a

professional approach to impress

consumers.From content to design,

everything has to be top quality in order for

the business to establish credibility among

its target market. However, consumers are

starting to have a flair for humor.Not only

can they relate closely to it, but it also gets them interested to read humorous marketing




It is important to remember that any business could stand out from the tough

competition by using marketing well. However, they need a good combination of

storytelling skills to make their marketing campaign work. Even with flyer printing and

distribution, witty captions could already ensure better recall. Flyers are cheaper to

produce, yet effective if created well. By choosing to distribute them, you need to

incorporate great content and a few images chosen to complete the storytelling.




Recall is probably the main point of marketing. Studies show that people recall things

that are meaningful or relevant to them. However, not everything should be serious. You

must gauge if the target audience is ready for some humor. If they are, inject it in bits

and do not overdo it. You should still maintain a professional image even if you are

passing humorous content to your target market.




Humor is definitely a universal language and can be used to improve your marketing

gimmicks. With the limitations of a flyer, it might be a challenge to inject humor to the

message that you want to send. Incorporate it only if it is relevant to the message and

does not degrade any company or person in the process.


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