Internet Advertising Versus Flyer Advertising !

Internet Advertising Versus Flyer Advertising !



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When it comes to marketing an individual business, there are effective ways to advertise several services that most small businesses encounter.

Online V.S Print


Certain factors make both strategies unique and efficient in its way. For instance, online advertising can reach customers anywhere in the world while prints can be in forms of mail, flyers, and brochures that can reach local customers.


The location is important when it comes to choosing the right strategy and small businesses operate in ways that are very appealing to the customers. Flyers can use when the target is on a local scale while using online ads can also be used in targeting neighboring cities or towns.


One issue lies within connecting with customers and how one strategy can attract potential buyers. Online advertisements might have problems when it comes to interacting with internet users because most of the time, people spend less time in watching ads compared to actually reading it. People can also install ad-blocks to the computers which make difficult for internet advertisers.


Lastly, there is a big difference when it comes to the cost because print ads cost more compared to online advertising. Online advertisers can set limits to the viewing while print ads cost more when it comes to the volume needed. However, the return on investment in most cases is bigger regarding flyer printing.




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