Is Flyer Distribution a Good Way to Advertise my Events?


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Are you having doubts about whether or not flyer distribution is a good way to advertise your events? Alibaba Printing will show you interesting reasons why flyering can be one of the best ways to promote your upcoming special events.


Do you have an upcoming event like a sports event, concert, brand launch, store opening, exposition, etc., and you want people to know about it? There are several ways on how you can spread the word like direct mail campaigns, word-of-mouth, TV, radio, online campaigns, and print campaigns.


But, it could be challenging for small businesses to set a budget for some other ways because of the cost. With this, many companies are reorienting their efforts in advertising through online environments such as popular social networks like Twitter or Facebook.


Social networks may have benefits when it comes to promoting your event. It is also crucial to use other proven ways like direct mailing. It is a form of promotion that usually shows positive results.


Flyers are important in promoting an upcoming event for the following reasons:


Reason #1: You can target your audience.

It is a great way to advertise your event and distribute it to your audience geographically.


Reason #2: You can make a creative and unique flyer.

You want to be competitive, and one of the ways to show your competitors that you’ve got what it takes is by creating a unique design that stands out above all others. You have the opportunity to highlight your message and attract your audience. You can finish it off with a silky, glossy, or matte lamination with a UV varnish and many others to achieve that more intriguing look.


Reason #3: It is tangible.

Once you witness your audience to take and hold the flyer, you have now reached half of your goal. The other half wherein the receiver makes the action will depend on the design of your flyer and its overall quality. Many flyers are ruined by print quality, so be careful who you work with in creating and producing your flyer.


Reason #4: It is measurable.

One interesting way to measure the impact of your flyer distribution campaign is to include a code or voucher to add some buzz during your event. It is another good way to measure the results of the campaign.


Reason #5: It is cost-effective.

If you compare it to other forms of promoting your business, flyers are one of the most effective methods that can give you a good ROI.


Reason #6: It is versatile.

Flyers can transform in different ways such as the following:

  • Folded can be mailed.
  • Leave it flat, and they become leaflets.
  • They turn to posters when you post them.
  • They become postcards when you design and print them on a thicker kind of paper.
  • Can turn to digital flyers if you want them in electronic form. You can get it from your graphics designer.


Reason #7: It’s easier.

Flyers can hold all the crucial info that your audience needs to see to attend your event. It’s easier for the receivers to understand the details. You can even put a QR code or your web address so that they can access your website for more details about your event.




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