Is Flyer Distribution Effective In Year 2022?

Is Flyer Distribution Effective In Year 2022?


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Marketing is a crucial part of every business. It has different methods to help the business grow, gain popularity and increase sales at the same time. One of the most common advertising techniques is flyer printing and distribution. It has been implemented by many small and big companies before. However, even until today, we can still see flyer distributors around us passing out more graphical and fun flyers wearing decent attired or costumes amidst the technological advancements that we have.


So why is it that this method continues to live on? Is flyer distribution really effective? Let’s try to dig in a little deeper to get a satisfying answer.


Interesting Statistics:

According to a study done, here are interesting statistics showing the effectiveness of flyer printing and distribution:


  • About 78% for door drops and 79% for direct mail are consumers who glance at the flyers. About 23% and 32% would proceed in reading them thoroughly.
  • About 33% of receivers would keep the flyers that have discounts or coupons and other special promos.
  • About 71% of customers who received free samples, offers and coupons during the purchase period said that the info helped them shorten their list of options. The same reactions were gathered from 66% of customers who received their offers from supermarkets and about 47% who received new flyers and 62% who got money-off coupons.
  • And about 48% of flyer receivers went to see the advertised business or company personally, and they requested for more information or made a purchase of the promoted products or services.


Make sure to plan your strategy first.


Flyers distribution services are results-oriented strategies that are cost-effective to help you promote your products and services. Your flyers aid in communicating with your target market in a relaxed and undemanding manner. They can just take the info easily and refer to the flyer whenever they need it.


However, there is always a downside to any marketing efforts and with regards to flyer distribution, its low-cost nature has a high risk of being wasteful, but this can be prevented by carefully planning your distribution strategy. You should take note of the following:


  • Spend time in understanding your target audience to create the appropriate design for them before printing your flyer. The graphics should match and be appealing to your audience by using the right combination of images, colors and words that they can actually relate.
  • Choose the right location or areas for your flyer distribution. Make sure that most of your target audience is in that certain place.

Don’t just plan for the first campaign but also plan for the next schedule since flyer distribution works best if it has a follow-up action. Flyer distribution is not just a one-time thing. To answer the question if flyer distribution is effective or not, yes it is if it’s done correctly.


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