Is Flyer Distribution Legal In Year 2022?

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Flyer distribution is one of the most effective traditional advertising methods to help a company gain more market presence, entice or inform customers about their products/services and boost sales. It has still been used today even with all the technological advancements that we have.


Generally, doing so is known to be a legal advertising method. However, if it’s done incorrectly or inappropriately, that’s the time we can say that it’s illegal.


Is it Legal in Singapore?


Yes, it is but not in all places or locations, and it will also depend on the content of the flyer. So long as you are not breaking any Singapore laws, then you are safe.


Just remember not to include in your flyer any political content. Do not distribute your flyer by trespassing any private property or causing any types of obstruction and disturbances.


The Most Effective Locations


As what we have previously mentioned, you can’t just distribute your flyers anywhere in Singapore due to some legal factors. With this, choosing the right place is a huge aspect to make your marketing efforts work and to reach your potential market effectively.


One of the best strategies is the door-to-door distribution; this can help you ensure that your target clients will really receive the flyers and potentially turn it into sales. Is this allowed? Yes, but don’t forget that if it’s a private establishment or property, you could become a trespasser if you are not careful. There are already flyer boxes for each household, so problem solved for this. Just place the flyers in their respective bins, and you’re good to go.

Your printed flyers can be handed out directly to your potential clients and may be included in the shopping bags, print ads or newspapers. Another great alternative is to tuck them in the windshields of cars.


When Does It Become Illegal?


Here are the important things that you need to take note to avoid illegal acts or circumstances during flyer distribution:


  • Entering a private establishment or property is big no-no!
  • Political content. You will need a permit to print and distribute flyers that have this type of content.
  • Flyer distribution should have a commercial purpose, aiming at advertising and promoting goods and services.
  • You can distribute at public places like streets, parks, etc.
  • Don’t distribute your flyers in SMRT or shopping malls not unless you have the permit to do so.
  • Public property begins in the smoking area of SMRT, and this is where you can start flyer distribution.
  • You are not allowed to give out flyers near the top-up counters or sheltered places since it is still part of the station.
  • The ones that are mostly allowed for flyer distribution in the malls are their tenants, but certain arrangements for non-tenants may be made for those who would like to give out flyers within the mall premises.


Just remember these points and you’ll be safe with your advertising and promotion strategy. Now you know that flyer distribution is legal in Singapore.












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