Is Flyer Distribution Legal?

Is Flyer Distribution in Singapore Legal?


Flyer distribution is a common if not the most effective ways of promoting products, services, or events. While it is done by most enterprises and organizers, there are some that are still questioning the legality of this marketing method. Is flyer distribution legal?
As a matter of fact, flyer distribution is LEGAL in Singapore. Nevertheless, it depends on where you are distributing them as well as what the content of the flyers are. Generally, you are allowed to distribute flyers legal as long as the flyers do not break any law or are not about anything illegal, are not political in nature, or are not used for solicitation.  In addition, if the distribution takes place in a public place and you are not causing any obstruction, it should be legal.
Best Places For Flyer Distribution

With the best locations for flyer distribution, you can take advantage of these and help boost your sales. 
One way to make sure that you reach your customers and they see your flyers right away is to hand the flyers directly to them or at their doors. You may do this by handing out flyers to passers-by on the streets or distribute them door-to-door. You can also place the flyers on car windshields, have them as inserts in shopping bags and print ads. 
You can have the flyers mailed to customers through bills and invoices or hand out the flyers directly to event attendees. Some even set up a kiosk at festivals, trade shows, concerts, and other people-flocked events where they can stop for a little while and learn more about your product or service. You can also insert flyers of new products in packages of existing retail customers. 

So, now that you know that flyer distribution is legal as long as you are doing it at the right place at the right time, you can now start disseminating your company information through this useful, economical and effective marketing method. 

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