Is Handing Out Flyers Effective? Flyers Printing and Distribution River Bukit Pangjang

Flyer distribution – is it still an effective marketing approach? Well, if you do it right, flyers can help market your business, making it a strong and successful tool for advertising, regardless of your target market.

Most advertisers still believe that in spite the age of digital marketing, attractive flyers handed out to targeted recipients can yield better results. But how is it done and what are the strategies?


A good flyers printing and distribution River Bukit Pangjang must be well-designed and well-planned as well. First, the design must be thought of, especially in the layout and message aspects. You must make sure that the message is brief yet concise, and must contain the exact message that you want to relay, nothing more and of course, nothing less.


Furthermore, flyers must be simple yet eye-catching, as we always reiterate. You must make the client be curious about what you can offer, but don’t leave them hanging. The flyers must have the information that they need to know, including your contact details and some call-to-action push.

Next is the distribution process. No, you don’t just hand out the flyers. You need a plan to do this and it starts by knowing your target market. Keep in mind that flyers are used to make a reminder to prospects that you’ve previously met, or who have made a request at some point, asking for more information upon an initial call. Sales are, more often than not, made after a few contacts and not just the first one.

Prospective clients need a number of touches to keep your brand in their thoughts, thus keeping the process of sales progressing. You will need a flyer to serve as a “follow-up”, which is very important part of the sales pitch. Moreover, it is also important to measure the response of those who got the flyers. This will allow you to see if the campaign is effective or otherwise.

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