Is It Against the Law To Pass Out Flyers In Year 2022?

Is It Against the Law To Pass Out Flyers In Year 2022?


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is flyer distribution legal In Year 2022?

what is flyer distribution In Year 2022?


Flyers, one of the most effective marketing methods in traditional promotions and advertising. A lot of companies are still applying this cost-efficient technique, even if they are also advertising online. If you are a startup business, or you have a limited budget, flyer distribution is your best option, and it works! You’ll definitely get your money’s worth.


Flyer distribution is not against the law in Singapore but there are instances when it becomes illegal. With this, before you start passing out flyers, you’d better know what the laws or the rules and regulations are to avoid getting in trouble.


Factors You Need to Remember


Passing out flyers in Singapore is legal, but you need to remember the following:


  • It depends on the location.
  • The content of your flyer is a huge factor. Some contents are not allowed especially if it contains political details.
  • You are not trespassing any private property.
  • You are not causing disturbance or obstruction.
  • You need permit or approval from upper management if you want to distribute flyers within the malls or other similar establishments, especially if you are not a tenant.
  • You are not allowed to pass out flyers near the top up counters of stations.
  • You may do it door to door by leaving the flyer in their designated flyer box.
  • You may put the flyer on a car but remember to ask permission to the manager or owner of the property where it’s parked before doing so.
  • You are dressed appropriately.
  • If you are requested to stop handing out flyers, you have to adhere without asking questions.


Why Choose the Flyer Distribution Method?


This is one of the most direct advertising methods and its cheaper too compared to other traditional marketing approaches. It has a lot of opportunities, and you can increase your market presence in no time especially if it’s done right. Here are tips that you need to do before launching your flyer distribution campaign:


  • Plan ahead.
  • Know who your target market is.
  • Know the location of your target market. Among all the public and private places in Singapore, where do you usually see them pass by or hang out? Doing this will help you seek your permit if needed. You will also have time to learn about the rules that they have in that area with regards to flyer distribution.
  • You should have a budget and avail the quick service and cheap flyer distribution package of a printing company.
  • A professional graphics designer can help you produce a well-designed flyer combined with the right use and placement of elements to attract your potential customers.


How Cheap is Flyer Printing and Distribution?


This technique is less costly as what we have mentioned earlier. With regards to the price, it will depend on the number of copies you are planning to print, and if you want to avail the flyer and flyer printing distribution package. Other factors that can affect the price of a flyer are the size, the colors and the type of paper that you want to use.




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