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Are you planning on flyer distribution door to door? If you are but unsure of some information, Alibaba Printing will show you important details below that can help in answering the questions you have in mind.


Flyering is one way to promote a brand, nonprofit organization, or event. The key to every flyer’s marketing success is the proper distribution. The more places you hand out or post the flyers, the more people can be reached. However, you don’t just do this anytime and anywhere because you have to abide by the law or rules and regulations in your location. It is best to research first before starting the campaign.


Usually, flyers are allowed on community bulletin boards, public parks, and public properties. Handing them out to passers-by on sidewalks is another way. But again, you can’t do this on any sidewalks where many people are walking. Some laws prohibit littering, political content, or inflammatory content, which will make it illegal in public places.


There are anti-littering laws that make the posting of flyers in utility poles wherein you are using staples to hang them; you could receive damaging of public property citation.


You should do your best to follow local ordinances. You don’t want your company to be publicly shamed on social media and newspapers for violation of the law. To avoid such circumstances, you can ask your local government, owner of the property, or housing development if you can distribute flyers door to door or drop them in their mailboxes, hand them out directly to individuals, or post them, etc.


Generally, laws won’t allow you to distribute flyers on private property if you don’t get permission from the owner. With this, it’s always best to ask and get your approval first before starting the campaign. You can ask if you can post your flyers on the bulletin boards of groceries, business lobbies, doors or windows, and other private locations. Some businesses will be happy to do an ex-deal with you. Legally speaking, you can’t just put your flyers inside mailboxes that are attached to every private property. But, you can slip them into door mail slot or post the flyers on the doors of the homeowners, door hangers, as well as direct mailers, could be your better options.


Once again, do your research first and ASK PERMISSION and get the needed permits. If they approve, get it in writing to avoid any potential legal issues like trespassing and miscommunication between the homeowners of the private property.


If you want to put flyers on cars, this is case to case basis.


If you are the owner of the parking lot, you may put flyers under the windshield wipers of the cars not unless there is an ordinance that won’t allow you to do it. It is also the same for those that are parked in public parking lots and along the streets.


Remember, anywhere that’s private property with cars, get permission from the property owner. If you see “no handbill” and “no solicitation” signs posted around parking lots, you should know that these are directed to those who are flyering.

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