Is it Spelled as Flyer or Flier? Flyer Distribution Basics


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Are you confused about the different flyer spellings and meanings? Alibaba Printing will show you one of the flyer distribution basics and the proper way to spell and use the word, to answer this common confusion among many individuals.


Many know that flyer printing and distribution are one of the oldest and traditional advertising methods that are still used by many people today even with today’s technology. Why? The simple answer would be its effectiveness to help the product or service reach its marketing goals. In the article, you will learn various ways of how this word is spelled and understood by others.


A flyer can be something that flies, a pamphlet, or a device that an individual uses to twist yarn.


The flier is another word that is accepted too.


However, the guidelines in using the words flier and flyer would depend from one guide to another.


This simple tool used in marketing could be called a leaflet, a handbill, a circular, a pamphlet, or a flyer. It’s a paper with images and words printed and handed distributed on the streets and now even sent through email.


While many are sure that it is called a flyer, there is still confusion to others about how it should be spelled. And the different versions of its spellings, will it have various meanings too?


The flier is an acceptable word to spell flyer. But sources are specifying that the spellings are dissimilar based on the meaning of each word.


Meanings of Flyer

Flyer could refer to a pamphlet, a paper containing pictures and words used for advertising, spreading information, or propaganda. This is the type of flyer mentioned in the sentence below:


  • The lady is handing out a flyer to promote their company’s products or services.


Next, the flyer could also mean a person, an object that flies, or an animal. In the airport, while waiting to board a flight, a person might want to look at a company’s usual flyer program. In case you don’t know yet, some birds are not food flyers, but the bar-tailed godwit is.

  • The bar-tailed godwit bird is a very good flyer and can fly over the whole length of the Pacific ocean.


The flyer that you use to twist yarn is another thing. If you want to make something out of yarn, then you need a yarn flyer.

  • I bought my grandmother a new yarn flyer to replace the lost one.


Spelling Flyer

There is no standard way in the correct way of spelling the word “flyer,” but it is a fact that it comes in various style guides to prefer diverse spellings. The Chicago Manual of Style and The Elements of Style do not fix the issue on this matter. Those who agree with the spelling “flier” are the Associated Press, the American Heritage College Dictionary, and the Daily Telegraph. For those who are in favor of the spelling “flyer” are Fowler’s Modern English Usage, Oxford Dictionaries website, and the Guardian.


You get to choose how you spell the word flyer, not unless there is a need for you to follow a certain manual style.



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