Is Mask Keeper Singapore Better Than Using Mask Lanyards?


Mask Keeper Singapore

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Is there a thing as mask hygiene these days? Are you aware that most people wear their masks again after having a meal or doing other things that require them to remove their masks? With this, there is a great risk of virus or bacterial contamination all around. Which is better to use? Mask lanyard or mask keeper in Singapore?


Why do we need to wear masks?


Wearing masks is a way to prevent transmission and save lives at the same time. It has various types, and it can be used as protection or prevention of onward transmission.


Why wear masks in public areas?


Masks should be worn, especially in places where the virus is circulating. When in a crowded location, you should be at least 1 meter apart from others or in places with unknown or poor ventilation. If you have doubts about the quality of air, it would be safer to wear a mask.


When wearing a mask, the person should always wash or disinfect the hands, even after using it. However, wearing one does not indicate that you can have a close conversation or contact with others.


If you are in a crowded religious building, shopping centers, schools, restaurants, or public transports, it’s a need to wear a mask while maintaining physical distancing at the same time.


How to take off a mask?


If you plan on taking off your medical mask for a meal or other activity, take note of the following steps:

  • Clean your hands first using soap and water or rubbing alcohol.
  • Gently remove the straps from your ears and avoid touching the front part of your mask.
  • Pull away the mask from your face while leaning forward.
  • You can only use a medical mask once. And if you have used it for long hours, discard it immediately into a closed trash bin. But if you have just worn it for a short period, you can re-use it and keep it in a mask holder.
  • Clean your hands after touching your mask.
  • If the mask is already damp or soiled, replace it with a new one.


Should I use a mask keeper or mask lanyard?


Re-using a mask is possible. However, you need a special thing where you can keep it safe from getting it contaminated or you spreading the virus or bacteria all over the place.


Mask keepers have become popular these days because you can have it customized with your names, it’s very lightweight and handy at the same time. Some material used in making the keepers have antimicrobial properties, which is why it has become an important tool to many people.


The use of lanyards in keeping masks has raised public eyebrows. However, it somehow provides comfort to the person wearing a mask. It does help in preventing contamination because it’s not just placed anywhere. Since it has become a fashionable trend, it encourages people to wear their masks all the time.


Well, it depends on your preference whether you go for mask lanyards or mask keepers.


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