Is T Shirt Printing Singapore Profitable in 2021?

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Are you thinking about starting a t-shirt printing business in Singapore? If you are, then you are probably asking if it is going to be profitable for 2021.


One of the clothing pieces that will never go out of trend is the t-shirt. Whether it’s a plain t-shirt, a body-hugging t-shirt, or a graphic tee, they have always set the trend and are accepted and liked by people of different age groups.


Another positive note is that according to the latest reports, the custom t shirt printing Singapore including the other parts of the world has tremendously increased in the past years. The global market for this particular printing service in the printing industry has anticipated crossing the year 2025 the 10 billion USD mark. You can see that many celebrities today are wearing shirts to spread messages and set a style.


Here are the reasons why printing of t-shirts will be profitable in 2021:

  1. Branding – customizing shirts have become one of the most effective ways to promote a business. They put their brand’s logo, including other details, to draw attention and create brand awareness.
  2. The craze for T.V. series – you’ll find fans of popular T.V. series, and people like flaunting the shirts of their favorite series and characters.
  3. Loyal Clients – it’s hard to gain customer loyalty. Competing companies today are not only dependent on websites or events, but they instead give t-shirts as a giveaway with a minimum purchase amount of their products. It can help retain previous customers and make new clients feel special at the same time.
  4. Boost company team spirit – custom shirts help develop a strong connection and bond with the employees and company. It motivates, unites teams, and boosts commitment in achieving the goals of the company.
  5. Marketing that is off-the-clock – it is like a marketing tool that works off-the-clock. The shirts encourage customers and employees to wear them any time of the day and everywhere, which results in building brand identity at the same time.
  6. Setting a fashion statement – some people love to show their style through custom prints.
  7. Affordability – if you compare it to other ways of promoting a brand like T.V., hoardings, billboards, etc. t-shirts are one of the most efficient and effective methods to advertise a brand or business. It has a longer shelf-life, which means visibility is longer too. It has increased the demand for this particular service.
  8. Safer and greener earth – many are very much concerned with the environment, which encourages them to use eco-friendly items. There are environmental quotes printed on the shirts that can motivate in protecting the planet.


These are facts that will put your doubts to rest. It may be challenging, at first, to start-up and pursue this as a business, but you have to find the right market and create the perfect design that will surely hit the right spot in hitting the goals and sales.


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