Is Tissue Paper Printing Environment- Friendly?


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Are you thinking about incorporating tissue paper printing for your next marketing plans but a little hesitant if this is environment-friendly or not? Alibaba Printing will explain the details to help you make up your mind.


We all know that the image of a company is important, and for it to strive in the market, we need to ensure that we don’t get a lot of disagreements along the way. Many people are concerned with the environment, and businesses do their best to follow rules and regulations behind it and please customers at the same time.


Tissue paper is a need in most households or individuals, and it has a lot of uses in different industries too. And today, brands are using pocket tissues as a way to market their brand by creating attractive packaging, distributing them in the market, resulting in a boost of a company’s market presence.


They can customize the packets and choose different colors, print their logos and patterns, making it more interesting for most consumers. It is not a surprise anymore why brands are doing their best to make the packaging look good, but the main question here is tissue paper environment-friendly?


Tissue Paper 101


Did you know that tissue paper is made from recycled materials or wood fibers? Makers of tissue paper also use sustainable and recyclable sources to make it biodegradable. The dye for the colored paper can be water-based products, which are environment friendly.


Is it Environment-Friendly?


Correct, tissue paper is environment-friendly since it comes from recycled materials that are sustainably sourced. Once you have used the tissue paper for arts and crafts, for example, you can also reuse it for your future projects, so it is 100% recyclable.


Is it compostable?


True, it is compostable as long as it does not have any glitter or plastic tapes attached to it. If you have a compost pile, it can be good for it since it can soak up water, keeping it from becoming smelly.


If you want to purchase paper products, choosing recycled materials would be awesome for the environment, and if you continue to compost or recycle tissue paper, you are contributing positively to the environment.


Some manufacturers support sustainable packaging and offer different recyclable tissue paper in different colors, depending on what your needs are. They could also offer tissue paper that is bleed resistant and acid-free, wherein if you use tissue paper for arts and crafts, it won’t damage any products when it is utilized as a wrapper.


If you want to use tissue packets, it is best to inform the printing company about what you need when it comes to the design and other elements in its packaging. It will depend on your marketing goal. Are you distributing the packets as part of your giveaways campaign? Is it part of your special event? There is an exciting place for pocket tissues in marketing since it can create a positive impact on a brand supporting the environment and good hygiene at the same time.


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