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Are you looking for information about the difference between decals and stickers? If you are, then continue reading on to know more and choose which one is perfect for your business or personal needs.


You might be confused as to which is right for you because stickers and decals are very similar. Labels, stickers, and decals all have two layers: (1) paper backing and (2) adhesive layer, which is on the paper backing and can be made of various materials including paper, aluminum, and vinyl. The design is printed on the adhesive layer’s front side.


Quantity and Size

Labels and stickers are usually smaller and are applied mostly to water bottles, laptops, and other smaller items. Decals are larger and are commonly applied to windows, floors, vehicles, walls, etc.


When it comes to quantity, decals are ordered in smaller quantities because of its size. Stickers, on the other hand, are ordered in bulks for marketing purposes as giveaways on corporate events, etc. Labels come on rolls and are mostly ordered in large quantities due to their purpose.


What is the Purpose or Intended Use?


Although decals, labels, and stickers are similar, the main difference would depend on the intended use or purpose. Generally, stickers are usually utilized for illustrations and logos. Decals are for décor or advertising on windows, floors, vehicles, walls, etc.



Location and Application Surfaces

Decals have different types. Decals that go on walls and the floor are different. You can also find decals for outdoors and more permanent too, you can talk to us for more information.


If you have a smaller format of advertising, you can choose stickers, which are mostly applied on smooth surfaces and can also be removed easily. It’s easy to install too. Labels are mostly applied to cans, jars, bottles, bags, etc.


How Long Will It Last?

Decals last the longest, next is the stickers, and last is the labels. Some may take years before the color fades, and it would also mostly depend on how it is used.


How Much?

When it comes to their prices, it will depend on some factors.The size, quantity, material to use, etc. For more specific details, you can always give us a call for a free quotation.


No matter what kind you choose, it’s best to take note of the following details:

Choosing the right kind of material makes a lot of difference. If you choose sticker printing, it is less expensive but less durable compared to decals. But the good thing about using stickers for business is that it can help build a brand image.


Bad printing can ruin an entire campaign. But if a printing company like Alibaba printing is well-experienced, then you are sure to get only the best and high-quality output.


The quality of the adhesive is vital. A well-designed sticker can become worthless without proper adhesive. Know your long-term intentions to determine the quality of materials that will be used.








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