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Urgent Clear pp L Shape Folder Printing Service Singapore

Make Your Business Stand Out with L-Shape Folder Printing

Businesses use a lot of folders – and these are not only your typical folders, but various types of folders. One example of folders used in the business world is the L-shape folder. L-shape folder printing allows companies to organise and protect documents in a more professional and more attractive manner. When you get plastic folder printing Singapore, you will be able to compile your documents or presentation and at the same time leave a strong and professional impression to potential clients. Regardless the department is – whether it is for sales, for HR department, or any other business department for that matter, an urgent l shape folder printing service Singapore.

L-Shape Folder Printing – What are the Uses?

Urgent clear PP folder printing Singapore is used to hold and organise policies, contracts, and other business documents. It is also ideal for distributing brochures, submitting sales agreements and sales invoice, and other marketing tools. The use of will make your business look much more stable and more professional because you present your brand beautifully and in an organized way. In addition, potential clients are more likely to see your company as “trustworthy” because you give effort on things like a simple “folder”. You create the impression of being an expert in your industry by simply using professionally done l shape folder printing Singapore.

Making Your Business Stand Among the Others

Businesses come in all sizes and shapes. While some businesses can be bigger than yours, you can still make yours look bigger than it actually is. Regardless of the nature of your business, one of the struggles you will face is building a reputation and making your own name. Sometimes, having the knowledge and means is never enough to make your business boom. There will always be questions about your credibility. But you can actually make your small business look as professional and as big as your competitors. There’s a strategy to that! How? Think big. If you are a small, home-based business, for example, you can pay for a business address where you can receive your business mail. Another way is to get pp folder printing Singapore which can make your proposals and presentations more impressive. You can get urgent l shape folder printing service Singapore from Alibaba Printing Services.

What is an L-Shape Folder?

An l-shaped folder is great for presenting quotes and reports. Most of the time, it consists of cut-back thumb holes, which helps make accessing of documents easier. It has a folded base seal that makes this folder extra durable. L-shape folders come in various sizes. Offices usually have the A4 and legal sizes. While some l-shape folders are clear, some may have color, which is ideal for organising documents through color coding.

Most plastic folder printing Singapore are made for companies or businesses as aid or tool for marketing. It is widely used in presentation purposes because they are not only secured, but also a great way to further “show off”. Ask Alibaba Printing for a plastic file printing Singapore or urgent pp folder printing Singapore.

We Offer Fully Customised Plastic File Printing Singapore

 Typically, there are two types of printing used in regular and  urgent l shape folder printing Singapore. We offer most types of printing methods to help you customize your l shape company folders. Our printing methods for urgent  clear pp folder printing Singapore include silkscreen printing and high definition digital printing. Silkscreen printing can be used in most l-shape folder colors, but has limits when it comes to number of colours used. Silkscreen printing for l-shape folders are ideal for company logos and brands.

High definition printing, on the other hand, can be fully-customisable, allowing you to print full color images or pictures. If you want to make your urgent pp folder printing Singapore look like a work of art, then choose our high definition printing. Thickness of the folders used are also different. We use 0.20 mm stocks for our silkscreen printing while for digitally printed folders, we import 0.25 mm thick folders.

In addition, Alibaba Printing provides in-house layout design for your urgent clear l shape folder printing service Singapore  courtesy of our topnotch design team that makes sure you get the best design for your corporate folders. If you have an idea that you want to materialise on your pp folders, we can assist you. Or if you have an existing design to print on your folders, of course, you are also most welcome. Ask us now for a quick quote on our urgent pp folder printing service Singapore.

When it comes to prices, high definition printing has a higher price compared to silkscreen printing. We do silkscreen printing in-house, so production cost is only minimal; whereas, we may outsource digital printing in other countries like China. Both are made with quality in mind, so you do not have to worry that you’ll receive urgent clear l shape folder printing service Singapore that doesn’t meet your standards.

 While we can offer you urgent l shape folder printing Singapore, our standard delivery time is within 3-4 days for single-color silkscreen printing. Call us for more information about our digital printing lead times.

We Aim to be One of Singapore’s Leading L-Shape Folder Printing Service

Alibaba Printing aims to be one of the best  urgent pp folder printing Singapore. We want your company to be proud of your pp folders, carrying them around and holding documents to special events and conferences. We will help you mark your authority in your respectable industries by providing you with high quality urgent pp folder printing service Singapore.

Need urgent l shape folder printing Singapore? We have it here. Tell us what you need and when you need it. We will try our very best to help you meet your due date. And, of course we will maintain high print quality regardless if it is rushed. Urgent printing is one of our most popular offers. We will make sure to give you the most urgent pp folder printing Singapore.

 To make sure even small businesses can avail our services, we lower our required minimum number of orders. We want to provide our services to small to medium entrepreneurs and startups  who will find it hard to meet most printing shops’ minimum orders. You don’t need to order thousands of units just to avail our urgent clear l shape folder printing Singapore or any type of pp folder printing Singapore, with our low minimum order, everyone will have a chance to be “big” in their own way.

Alibaba Printing – The Trusted Print Company for All Your Printing Needs

We at Alibaba Printing offers various printing services including l shape folder printing Singapore and urgent clear l shape folder printing Singapore. Visit us and ask for our attractive packages that will help you take the next step in your professional business marketing. Let us make your brand name look more professional with our business cards, flyers, leaflets, booklets, folders, and more. You may drop by Link @ Amk, 3 Ang Mo Kio Street 62, 02-02, 569139 Singapore or call us through our telephone number  9146 1431 or fax us at 6250 5122. For a quick quote, you may also email us at