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Cheap Custom Business Letterhead Printing Service Singapore


Letterhead Printing

A letterhead is a sheet of letter paper that has a heading consisting of a name, address, corporate design , or logo and sometimes has a background pattern. The term ‘letterhead’ usually refers to the whole sheet of letter paper imprinted with the heading.

Many individuals and companies alike prefer professional letterhead printing rather than doing the printing themselves. This ensures a better quality print and a more uniform outcome. Business letterhead printing services is generally done using letterpress or offset printing methods using various paper sizes such as A4, letter size, or legal size, depending on the orders. Letterhead printing service Singapore must be done using high-quality materials and methods and must be difficult to imitate to protect the authenticity of the persons using them.



Letterhead Printing- Where to Use Them?

People usually assume that letterheads are only for big corporations or companies. Nevertheless, it can be used by businesses of any size, even individual or small companies can make use of letterhead printing to communicate between departments or with other companies, a well.



Woodfree Cheap letterhead printing Singapore for your office paper supplies can be used for various purposes like:


  • Writing invoices
  • Jotting down minutes of meetings or notices
  • Distribution of legal announcements
  • Tendering inter-departmental statements
  • Providing any business-related info



Why Letterhead Printing is Important

Letterhead printing is one of the most important printing collaterals, regardless of what business you have. It is a physical representation of your company and it is not just a means of correspondence. Letterhead printing singapore can say a great deal regarding your brand image. Good, but cheap letterhead printing is a crucial part of the sales and marketing strategy of your company. Moreover, a well-designed letterhead gives your company a sense of credibility and professionalism.

Writing letters remains a part of business communication. Having a well-designed letterhead can make your brand stand out and give the best first impression ever. There are various designers and even DIY editing programs that you can use for this. Or if you want it professionally-made, you can always ask Alibaba Printing for help. We offer not only flyer and receipt printing, but also letterhead printing services.

Being in the industry for several years, Alibaba Printing has developed a reliable and topnotch designing team that will surely make striking letterheads. We’ve designed and printed everything from the most simple designs, all the way to embossed, foiled, and even the most elaborate letterheads possible.



Kinds of Letterheads for Letterhead Printing Singapore

In a business, using various marketing forms and means of communication is important. For business letterhead printing, for instance, the design and content used depending on the kind of communication is often the first priority of a company. You may have endless design and ideas for a letterhead, but there are a number of standard letterhead types that are normally used in business communication. Check these out before contacting a letterhead printing services provider.


Types of Standard Letterhead


A standard letterhead is the most commonly used for service-oriented and administrative purposes. The audience receiving this type of letterhead is general and the letter may come in as a default letter layout.

The standard letterhead typically includes the name of the company, as well as its address and contact numbers. If the company has a logo or watermark, it is also included in the layout.

Specialized Letterhead

The specialized custom letterhead printing is almost similar to the standard type of letterhead, but it usually has the specific department indicated. For example, it comes from the accounting department of a company. The audience of this type of letterhead might be more interested in the area or department where the letter is coming from.

Like the standard type of letterhead, the specialized type has the company name, address, and logo, but must specifically indicate the department of the said company. It may also include logos or images that are unique to that particular department.

Custom Letterhead

This type of custom letterhead printing is a bit more specific of the subject of the letter. It also has the specific name of the person in which the letter is coming from, printed as the letterhead and not just a part of the letter itself. These letterheads are typically used in interoffice communicating, such as presentations, memos, etc. This type of letterhead is also used for external communications and not intended as form documents.

For example, a project manager may have a custom letterhead of his own, which can be used to send letters to their independent contractors within and outside the company. A custom letterhead has the company name, address, contact numbers, logo, and the name of the person in position using that customized letterhead for his or her own only.

Executive Letterhead

Similar to custom letterhead, an executive letterhead is intended for a specific audience with a particular person issuing the letters. This type of business letterhead printing is typically reserved for higher company executives, such as managers, directors, and CEOs.

The executive letterhead is formatted similarly to a custom letterhead, but it may come out more special, with a larger or bolder font highlighting the title or position of the person in position. More often than not, the paper used for this type of letterhead is heavier and of higher quality.



Letterhead Printing: The Importance of Design and Format

Company letterheads must have a unique design, but you must make sure that the format is still standard. The layout and design must show your audience your own company’s trademark and culture instantly. For example, your company has its own marketing colors and slogans, make sure to include them. More importantly, do not forget to include your company’s logos and even the departmental logo, if needed. Using black and white letterhead printing is possible, but make sure the logo and slogan are prominent. Font type should also stand out, but make sure it is not overwhelming or too over-the-top. More importantly, the letterhead printing Singapore should not take up most of the page.

Look for a Letterhead Printing Services Company

Not all of us can make letterheads creatively. With this, it is best to look for printing companies that offer cheap yet excellent output letterhead printing. They have a team of experienced and skilled graphics designers who can create what you want or need that is perfect for your business or even for personal use.
If we use a well-designed and created letterhead for business, it creates a positive impact to the receiver, especially if the right information and elements are found in it. The colors are not overpowering; the fonts are appropriate in size; your company logo and other important information are placed properly. If you’re planning on doing it by yourself, you might want to think again. It’s highly recommended to let the professionals help you on letterhead printing for your business.
Remember, a letterhead represents your company; it is as important as your brand, and it imparts a huge first impression to your potential clients or receiver. You don’t want others to think that your business is less competent; you only want the best for your business. Even well-established businesses would choose to work with professional graphics designers and printing company.
You can order in bulk or make an arrangement for a minimum printing request.

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