Looking at the DIY approach to flyer printing!


Looking at the DIY approach to flyer printing!



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Flyers with eye-catching designs, colored text and pictures printed on high-quality glossy paper are now possible.

Do it yourself (DIY) flyer printing is an attractive solution for small business because of the availability of personal computers

with graphics software, affordable high-definition printers and colored photocopiers.

This also includes the use of all-in-one machines able to handle a small business’ faxes,

scanning, photocopy, and other ordinary office printing jobs.



On the other hand, typical desktop printer setups for small business may not be up to the task.

This is not to say that these desktop printing machines are not capable,

some printers are able to produce professional looking prints.

Then again, its output would not be comparable to the productivity of a printing press.

These small printers might not be able to survive the process of printing large numbers of flyers.

In addition, the use of an all-in-one machine when printing flyers may curtail other office printing activities.



If done right, the DIY approach potentially can cut down costs incurred using conventional professional commercial printing.

The DIY approach might best be utilized when printing a limited number of flyers but this

option becomes less viable with large number flyers to print.




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