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Mask Keeper Singapore Pocket Bag for Easy Storage

mask keeper singapore
case keeper mask

Mask keeper printing

The new normal of wearing a mask when going out is not just becoming popular but has now a trend at the same time. So let us dig a little deeper into how we can keep our face masks clean since it is an essential kit that each one needs to have due to the COVID-19 outbreak.


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Read before you start printing your Face Mask Keeper:

Safety First! Store Your Face Masks Using a Customized Mask Keeper Singapore



What is a Face Mask Keeper?

The mask keeper is also called the mask holder, which is a portable case that you can use to give you that short time that you need when you have to remove your mask like when you are dining, etc. It is foldable and lightweight for you to easily fold it into a small size and keep your disposable face mask in the keeper and place it in your bag, pocket, handbag, etc.

What is the Purpose?

We all know that the extensive community transmission of the virus of COVID-19 is creating problems with regards to the supply of surgical masks, and reusing it is not recommended. If people do it properly, we can help in conserving the surgical masks to the professionals or front liners in the medical field who are really in need. Using this particular kind of holder also helps in saving money and reducing environmental problems at the same time during this pandemic.

How to Use the Mask Keeper?

Storing your face mask is pretty simple by just following these steps:

STEP1: Put your used mask to the outfacing side of the mask keeper that has the nose strip visible on its upper half. Make sure that you do not mix upon which side you are placing the used mask.

STEP2: Hold the used mask together with the keeper and then fold the lower flip part up.

STEP3: You now fold the short sides together.

STEP4: Pull the ear loops of the used mask towards its opposite side to tighten the mask keeper.

It is easy. You can find video tutorials if you get confused with the steps. Aside from this information, there are also other details that you need to know, let us continue.

What Can it Store?

The mask keeper can keep the disposable surgical mask temporarily. It is a simple and unique design, but it does not work on other types of face masks like the cloth masks, N95 mask, dust mask, gas mask, or sponge mask.

Sanitation is Crucial!

If you decide to store your used mask, don’t forget to always clean the mask holder first with your sanitizing product before using it.

You can use sanitizing sprays or anything that can kill germs. You can buy them in pharmacies since they are good enough to clean the mask keeper.

The DOS and DON’TS You Need to Remember

When using the mask keeper, there are Dos and Don’ts that you need to keep in mind.


1. Wash your hands – Always wash your hands before and after you take off your face mask.

2. Taking the mask off – Once you have taken off your mask, place it in between two tissues to tap out the moisture it has.

3. Storing the mask – To avoid the face mask from getting polluted, keep it in the keeper, and see to it that it is in the correct position.

4. Reusing the mask – Before putting the face mask back on, wash your hands before putting it on.

5. Sanitizing – Sanitize your mask keeper regularly, both inside and outside.


The following DON’TS should not be taken for granted:
• If you can’t find a place to wash your hands, you can sanitize by using an alcohol-based hand gel.
• Make sure that you store a mask that has not a lot of moisture in it. If this is the case, better throw it and use a new one.
• Do not store your mask in the keeper for a long period.
• Do not store more than one mask in a keeper; one face mask for each keeper.
• Never share your mask keeper with others.

Anti-bacterial Mask Keeper Singapore Pouch

The mask keeper is a simple yet effective way to store your mask temporarily if you need to remove the face away from your face for another activity such as eating, dental check-ups, etc.

It has become a piece of crucial equipment to protect yourself from the corona-virus. Many are trying to find ways to extend the life of the surgical masks since there is a global shortage of it. People would put the used face mask in preservation plastic folders or bags, clean envelopes, etc. However, the preservation bags and envelopes are not sustainable. Plastic folders are not that easy to clean too. Some individuals would casually place their used masks in their pockets or on even on the table, which means they are exposing their face masks with polluted air.

With this, there is a design to make the mask keeper more protective that has an anti-bacterial material. You can clean it easily with water or alcohol-based hand rubs as well as alcohol pads.

However, this is an innovation that could be limited. Even if without this product yet, you can always use the regular design as long as you keep it cleaned and sanitized. And, do not forget the Don’ts for your used mask and mask keeper to ensure safety.

Give Your Pouch a Style!

The mask keeper is not just available for adults but also for kids! You can choose from various designs available to have one customized for the whole family. These are the advantages of using your mask pouch in style:
• You are sure to know that it belongs to you, especially if you have a cool design that you are using, apart from those who have the regular white.
• You can ask for a specific design from the manufacturer.
• You can still go out there in style.
• You can choose another form of keepers like the mask bag that is in a different size, or the mask case that is made of a hard casing that comes in different colors and sizes too.
• You can buy the mask keeper made in food-grade silicone since this type of material can be sterilized and boiled.
• Your kids will be mindful of using their used masks and mask keeper, especially if they are using a design that they like. It would be easier to distinguish who is using the face mask to avoid confusion.

The price will depend on the number of orders, the type of material, design, and size that you prefer.

Customize with Us!

Mask Keeper Singapore is not just a quick trend; it is now part of the new normal as they say. For more information about this product, you may contact the following details below:

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