Modern Flyer Layout Flyer Distribution at Khatib

Flyers may come in different sizes, but they usually have standard sizes of 8.5 x 11. Nonetheless, this all depends on the preference of the client. It is ideal to have the flyers printed in colours, giving them aesthetic appeal, but they can come in black and white, too, and still catch your clients’ attention. There are a variety of flyer design ideas and examples of ways to market your business using flyer printing. Some are used in events promotion, company services, products, menus, and other creative uses.

Flyers distribution at Khatib

Custom flyers are a great but inexpensive way to promote your products, services, brand, or event to potential customers. It is always advisable to not be frugal when dealing with flyers. They are relatively inexpensive when compared to other means of advertisement, so skimping is a no-no. A well-designed flyer just like this one we used for our flyers distribution at Khatib is ideal if you want to make a huge difference and mark your place in the market.

Flyers distribution at Khatib

This flyer design is modern and appealing, just like the product it promotes. Madico is a company that sells ProtectionPro custom screen protectors for mobile phones. The product is modern and high-tech and the flyer design reflects the products, as well. Black and grey colors plus some reds make this layout look updated, while the icons used to describe the product’s qualities are a match to the screen protector’s high tech feel.

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