Paper Bag Printing? Or Plastic Bags? Where Do Paper Bags Come From?


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Are you confused about whether to do paper bag printing or keep using plastic bags for your business? Did you ever wonder where paper bags come from? Alibaba Printing will show you helpful details to help you make the right decision for your brand about using these types of bags.


Should you go paper or plastic?

This is a common question, especially if you go out grocery shopping. It may be an as easy choice, but the details behind every bag are not as simple as you think. For business, you should think about the bag’s reusability, durability, life cycle costs, and other factors.


Brown paper bags – Where does it come from?

Paper is made from lots of trees, and the process involved in creating a paper bag is long. When the right trees are found, they are marked and felled in a way that involves cutting. Machinery is used to remove the cut trees from the forest using logging trucks or helicopters, which would depend on how remote the area is. It does have an environmental impact, which is why many are encouraging tree planting and using recyclable materials to avoid the catastrophic impact of logging.


After collecting the trees, they need to be dried for at least three years. Other machinery are used so that the bark will be stripped and then chipped to one-inch squares, cooked under tremendous pressure and heat. The wood stew will next be digested using an acid and limestone chemical mixture. After a few hours of cooking, the wood turns into pulp. It takes about three tons of wood chips to turn it into a ton of pulp.


Next, the pulp will be washed and then bleached, wherein A LOT of clean water is needed. Coloring is also added to the water, 1 part pulp is 400 parts water to produce a paper. The right amount of pulp and water will be dumped into bronze wires formed like a web wherein the water will shower through leaving only the pulp, which will later be rolled into a paper.


Okay, now, that’s just the process of paper. Let’s not forget about the amount of energy, electrical, chemical, and fossil fuel that are used for the raw materials to be turned into a beautiful paper bag which will then be transported all over the world.


But, businesses today prefer the use of paper bags for reasons including its recyclability feature. Plastics are harder to decompose than paper, and many have seen the devastation it has done to mother earth.


Both paper and plastic have their advantages and disadvantages, but it all depends on the needs of a business and what it supports environmentally. Many consumers nowadays are enticed by the idea of companies that are marketing for environmental protection or using eco-friendly materials like paper bags.


Aside from that, paper bags have become a good tool in marketing because it is affordable, it provides various sizes, plus it has a wide space for printing your message or logo of a brand. People like to reuse them, providing more market exposure for a long time.



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