Premium Flag Printing Services Near You in Singapore

Do you want to find the best high-quality flag printing services in Singapore? Your search ends here! Alibaba Printing is known for its top-tier custom flag services.

Alibaba Printing excels in creating personalized flags near you. We use cutting-edge digital technology for printing. This makes our flags vibrant and long-lasting. Our flags are perfect for any event or to show off your school pride. They can endure UV rays and various weather conditions.

You can find us at LINK@AMK, 3 Ang Mo Kio Street 62, #02-02. We offer fast service, completing orders in only 1 to 5 days. Our prices are very competitive, starting at $50 for a 4.8 x 3 ft flag. And your purchase includes a free 1.2m wooden pole!

Looking for a trusted flag printing company near me? Call Alibaba Printing at +65 91461431. We will provide the ideal flag printing solution for you!

Introduction to Flag Printing Services

Welcome to the world of custom flag printing. Here, your ideas turn into stunning designs. In Singapore, Alibaba Printing is the best for top-level flag printing. We cater to many needs and styles.

Customized Options for Every Need

At Alibaba Printing, you can get custom flags for any event. Need flags for a company event, sports day, or a party? We’ve got you covered. Our flags come in different sizes, both standard and custom. This way, we make sure your project is exactly as you want it.

You can also choose from a variety of fabrics. For outdoor use, the 110 GSM fabric is a great pick. It’s strong and lasts long. You pick the best material that suits your need.

Why Choose Local Services?

Choosing a local service like Alibaba Printing has many benefits. You get faster service and can meet us in person. We understand the local scene well, so we offer efficient and friendly service. This helps the community and improves your service experience.

Our dedication to quality is seen in the happy reviews from our clients. They love our tailored, local service. Partnering with us means we put your satisfaction first, giving you the best results.

Types of Flags We Offer

At Alibaba Printing, we offer a wide range of flags. They are perfect for any situation, whether indoors, outdoors, or handheld. You can also customize them for special events.

Outdoor Flags

Our outdoor flag printing makes flags that handle the outdoors well. Use them at events, in front of company buildings, or for general use. These flags are tough, standing strong against the weather while keeping their colors bright.

outdoor flag printing

Indoor Flags

For indoor settings, our indoor flags add a touch of elegance. They are great for conferences, trade shows, and decorating rooms. Even in controlled environments, they stay looking great.

Handheld Flags

Handheld flags are fun and easy to carry. They make your brand or message eye-catching in parades, events, or at your business. You can choose from many types, like small promos or car flags.

Custom Banner Flags

Custom banner flags stand out with a big message. Use them for big events, school activities, sports, or parties. We have many sizes and materials depending on your needs, guaranteeing your message gets noticed.

Materials and Durability of Our Flags

We at Alibaba Printing care about making flags that last. Our flags are sturdy and can take on any weather. We choose strong materials and use special processes to make them. This ensures they stay looking good for a long time.

Polyester Fabric

Our flags are made of a strong polyester fabric. It’s known for being tough and flexible. You can choose from 75 to 240 GSM in weight. So, whether you need something light or very heavy, we’ve got you covered.

Weather and UV Resistance

Our flags can handle Singapore’s weather, including heavy rain and strong sunlight. They won’t fade quickly because they are UV resistant. This means the colors stay bright for a long time.

Machine Washable Flags

Got a dirty flag? No problem. Our flags can go in the washing machine. They’re easy to keep clean, so they last longer. And with extra stitching, they’re super tough too.

Affordable Flag Printing Options

Alibaba Printing brings you affordable flag printing that’s real, not just talk. We’re proud to serve schools, small companies, and individuals. Our goal is to offer top-notch flag services without the high cost.

We’ve compared our prices to the market, and they often beat the competition. Take a 4 x 3ft flag, for example. You can grab one for just $40. That’s a great deal for those wanting a customized flag that’s both affordable and durable.

affordable flag printing

Flag Size Alibaba Printing Price Average Market Price
2 x 2 ft $25 $30
3 x 2 ft $30 $40
4 x 3 ft $40 $55

We cover all kinds of flags, from indoor to outdoor to handheld. Our aim is to make custom flag printing easy on the budget. Yet, we never sacrifice quality or durability. You can trust us for the best deal.

For events, schools, or personal needs, Alibaba Printing in Singapore is your go-to for affordable personalized flags. Choose us for top-notch, budget-friendly flag solutions. Make the smart move and get quality at great prices with us.

How to Place an Order

Placing an order with Alibaba Printing is easy and straightforward. It’s made for customers to be able to handle the place flag printing order steps with no trouble.

Step-by-Step Ordering Process

To make things simple, just follow these steps:

  1. Select your desired flag specifications.
  2. Upload your artwork.
  3. Review and confirm your order.

You can do all of this online, making the order process smooth and simple.

Artwork Preparation Guidelines

Making sure your artwork is up to scratch is key for great results. Stick to these flag printing artwork guidelines for the best prints:

  • Set up your artwork in CMYK color mode.
  • Maintain a minimum image resolution of 150 DPI.
  • Embed all fonts used in your design.
  • Submit your file in PDF/X-1a format for print readiness.

By following these pointers, your flag will come out looking great and accurate.

Delivery and Lead Time

At Alibaba Printing, we have various delivery options for you. Choose our fast flag printing delivery to have your order ready in just 1 day after it’s all set and approved. We package and deliver all products straight to your address. This makes us a top choice for quick flag printing services.

Why Choose Alibaba Printing?

Alibaba Printing is a top choice for printing flags with excellence and meeting customers’ needs. They use the latest digital printing methods to make sure every flag is clear and precise.

Quality Assurance

Their focus on quality is clear. Alibaba Printing’s advanced printing technology creates flags with bright colors. This results in durable flags that look great. Their dedication to quality shows in everything they do.

Customer Testimonials

Many customers praise Alibaba Printing for their great service and top-notch flags. They love the quick response and the care they get. This leaves customers very happy with their experience.

Competitive Pricing

Great quality doesn’t mean high prices at Alibaba Printing. They offer affordable yet superb printing services. This means you get outstanding flags without overspending.

Custom Flag Printing for Events and Businesses

Alibaba Printing is your top choice for custom flag printing. We cover everything from sports event flags and school event flags to corporate branding flags and festival flags. Our high-quality flags will make your event shine.

Sports and School Events

Looking to boost team spirit and crowd energy? Our sports event flags are just what you need. They are tailored to your team’s unique style. Meanwhile, our school event flags bring students and staff together, making school events more lively.

Corporate and Branding Flags

Want to get noticed in the business world? Our corporate branding flags will help do that. They’re perfect for trade shows, conferences, or outside your office. These premium business flags are durable and keep their vibrant looks even in tough conditions.

Festivals and Celebrations

With our festival flags, your celebrations will be unforgettable. Whatever the event, we have the perfect event flag printing options. Our flags last a long time, staying beautiful and vibrant from start to finish.

Type of Flag Ideal For Key Benefits
Sports Event Flags School Sports, Community Games Energize Crowds, Boost Team Spirit
School Event Flags School Rallies, Graduations Unify School Community, Add Excitement
Corporate Branding Flags Trade Shows, Office Displays Enhance Visibility, Promote Brand

Flag Printing Near Me

If you’re looking for “flag printing near me” in Singapore, we’ve got you covered. Alibaba Printing is situated at LINK@AMK, 3 Ang Mo Kio Street 62, #02-02, Singapore 569139. We make sure that your personalized flags are just right and ready for you to pick up.

Convenient Locations in Singapore

Alibaba Printing is all about being close to you. We’re in Ang Mo Kio, making it easy to get top-notch flag printing services. Our setup works well for businesses, schools, or parties, making your flag needs a breeze to handle.

Contact Us

Got questions or need flag printing help? Call us at +65 91461431 anytime. We’re here to help from start to finish. Our team stands by to answer all your questions or any special requests for your flags.

Customer Support

At Alibaba Printing, our help doesn’t stop when you buy. We’re here to ensure you’re happy with your flags. Need care tips or have concerns after your flags arrive? We’ve got your back to keep everything smooth and satisfying.


What types of flags do you offer for flag printing?

We have many flags available, like those for outdoors, indoors, that you can hold, and custom banners. This variety lets everyone find the perfect flag.

Our flags are great for different purposes. They help you show your support or promote your team with color. They are made to last.

What materials are used in your flags?

Our flags are mostly polyester, a strong fabric. They come in weights from 75 GSM to 240 GSM for all needs. They are tough and keep their colors bright.

Are your flags weather-resistant and UV-resistant?

Yes, our flags do well in any weather and resist the sun. This means they keep looking good outside.

Can your flags be machine washed?

Yes! Our flags are easy to clean. You can wash them in a machine without worry.

How affordable are your flag printing services?

We keep our prices low without lowering quality. For a 4.8 x 3 ft flag, it’s only . You even get a free 1.2m wooden pole with it.

What is the lead time for an order?

Order times vary but are usually done in 1 to 5 days. Need it faster? We can rush it to you within a day after you approve the design.

How do I place an order for flag printing?

It’s easy. Just pick your flag type, upload your art, and place your order. We guide you on preparing your art to print well.

Why should I choose Alibaba Printing?

Choose us for top-notch flags at great prices. We’re reliable with fast service and good support. Our clients are happy with what we do.

Do you offer custom flag printing for specific events and businesses?

Definitely, we do flags for many events and business uses. This includes sports, company logos, and celebrations. Your flag will always look great and do its job.

Where is Alibaba Printing located and how can I contact you?

You can find us at LINK@AMK, 3 Ang Mo Kio Street 62, #02-02, Singapore 569139. Call +65 91461431 for help. We’re here for your printing needs.

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