Printable Calendar in Word: Is It Easy?


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Are you trying calendar printing at home on your own? If yes, you’re probably looking into how you can do it in a Word document.

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Calendars are visible almost everywhere. It’s part of our lives to monitor our schedule by reminding ourselves of the current month, day, or year. It helps us update ourselves and organize our week too. These are the reasons why people need calendars, especially for those who are very busy people.


For those who have time to make the calendar and print them at home would have the advantage of saving the troubles of leaving home and money, maybe. Now, let’s look at the steps if it’s easy or not.


Step1: Click on new and choose one of Word page’s templates. In the list of categories, you click on Calendars.


Step2: Once you start working on the calendar, you will need to rename the file. If it has images, you can swap it out with the pictures that you want to use. Just delete the image, and insert the ones that you want to use from your computer, or simply add clip art to the document.


Step3: You can print it right after you have set everything up. Make sure you use the right paper in terms of size, texture, and quality of your print settings to avoid any printing problems.


Three easy steps. It may be simple to some people, but not all have the time and eye for creating a design, especially if it’s intended for business marketing plans. With this fact, many would choose to hire the services and expertise of a calendar printing company, and here are the reasons why:


  • Calendar printing Singapore companies can help in making a professionally designed calendar that is perfect for marketing and advertising purposes.
  • The calendar can be customized exactly according to your liking compared to a ready-made template wherein you can’t edit much, or you have limited options.
  • You have a wide array of choices when it comes to the types of paper, sizes, and shapes.
  • Print shops can give you better print quality, crisp colors, and a package price that will surely fit your budget, especially if it’s in bulk order.
  • You don’t have to worry about the design elements, especially if it’s intended for marketing purposes since the graphics designers of printing companies are skilled enough to help you with your marketing goals.
  • Lastly, the receiver of the calendars will surely be amazed as to how awesome your calendar would look.


If you have a printer and other materials to make a calendar, you can simply do it, but it depends on your purpose too. It is highly recommended to hire the services of a professional print shop, especially if you want to use it as one of your marketing tools or event giveaways.


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