Printing the Correct Flyer Size!



Printing the Correct Flyer Size!



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Even in this era, the traditional way is somewhat still the best option for small businesses to promote events, sales, and others.

In flyer distribution, the most vital part is not in how the materials are dispersed rather how it was made.


The design is the most important part of the process because this is where the content or message is located and how it can attract customers.


Correct Size


There are a lot of popular sizes that are most used by companies to promote events such as the A4 size because of space.

This allows more room for the content and very popular when promoting shows and conferences.


The second option is to go for the A5, which is smaller than the previous one.

It is half the size of the A4, and it is a popular choice because it can fit in the pockets.

This format can be used to promote campaigns and provide additional information about an event.


Lastly, the A6. It has a similar size with postcards which are already becoming a trend because of the growing digital age of this generation.

A6 flyers are usually inserted into packages, magazines, and newspapers to provide additional information.

The smaller the size, the smaller the price it needs to be produced.





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