Reasons Why Tissue Paper Printing Promotion Is Very Successful


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Tissue Paper Printing is Vital for One Reason: The Importance of Hygiene


Are you thinking about advertising your brand through pocket tissue printing? If you are, then you should know the reasons why it has become a successful tool in Marketing. Alibaba Printing is also providing this service in Singapore.


There are several factors why advertising in a tissue pack has become a success and one of which its cost-effectiveness compared to advertising in newspapers or flyers. Tissues are part of everyone’s lives, and consumers are always exposed to the messages of brands every time the tissue paper is pulled from the pack. And because of this, tissue advertising has the potential in boosting a product or service, campaign, or brand image.


We now belong in a highly competitive market, and it is vital to stay ahead of your competitors when it comes to marketing your brand. With this, Alibaba Printing devotes to helping companies through our designed solutions that can help in maximizing the efficacy of your campaign while maintaining the cost low and the quality high.


Here are some examples of tissue printing that you should know:


Wallet Tissue – a simple tissue pack, but it has a great impact when it comes to efficiency. It can propel your marketing campaign. Its reusability is high, and the image of your brand will surely be registered with your clients numerous times. It also adds a premium feel and brand value. You can choose between matt and gloss finish, which will be based on your design and needs as well to ensure your investment won’t be a waste.


Cardboard Tissue – this is a versatile and sturdier solution. It gives you flexibility in terms of choosing colors, gives you a wider range of designs that you can incorporate. It can have 3 to 5 panels, giving you a larger canvas to show off your products and services and market your brand even better. You can have the sides perforated so that you can add vouchers or coupons in the tissue pack, resulting in a boost in the sales.


Tissue Box – you get more brand visibility when you have it printed on the box. Proper planning of distribution can help in getting the attention of the wider audience. the box itself gives you a larger canvas that has multiple panels, allowing you to educated and inform your customers about your products and services. It is also a long-term solution since they are used for a longer period, wherein your clients are exposed repeatedly to the message of your campaign.


Customized pack – you can design the pack according to your marketing goals and needs. It allows you to show your unique brand. You can design it yourself or ask the help of professional graphic designers.


You will have a lot of options when it comes to choosing the right marketing tool for your business. But, do not limit your exposure to what you are used to doing. Tissue pack printing might be the perfect solution that you have been looking for.








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