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Red packet printing services is now available. But why is red packet printing necessary? First, let us take a look at the history of the ang pao or red envelope.

The red envelope, red packet envelope, hong bao, or ang pao, is customary in Chinese and other Southeast and East Asian societies. It is basically a gift of money, which is given during special occasions like graduation, birthdays, weddings, or other holidays like Chinese New Year, etc. This custom originally came from China, which was adopted across other Southeast Asian countries and even in western countries with sizable Chinese population. Because of this, money envelope printing has become one of the offerings for most printers, particularly in Singapore and other Asian nations.

Red envelopes or red packets typically serve as presents at family and social gatherings alike. The color of the envelope, which is red, generally symbolizes good luck and is believed to ward off bad spirits. The amount of money inside the packet typically ends in an even number, since odd-numbered cash presents are traditionally for funerals. In addition, there is a tradition in which money should not be given in fours, or the number four (4) should be avoided altogether, such as 40, 400, and 444 as the number 4 in Chinese sounds like death.

During weddings, the amount of money in the red packets is typically intended to cover the attendee’s cost, as well as to wish the newlyweds good luck and goodwill. Ceremonial ledgers are often used to keep a record of the amount the newlyweds have received. During Chinese New Year, on the other hand, red packets are given by the married to the unmarried, who are typically children. In some parts of China, however, a Chinese red packet is presented by the elders to those under 25 years old, regardless if they are married or not. It is traditional to use brand new notes and avoid heavy coins. The receivers also avoid opening the envelopes in front of others, especially those who gave it to them, as a sign of courtesy. Those were the days when  money envelope printing or ang pow printing is not yet available.

These little red envelopes are also given in the workplace during the Chinese New Year from the business owner, manager, supervisor or other person in authority as a sign of good fortune for the year to come. They even have their company logos printed on the ang pao for better marketing opportunity. Hence, red packet printing services has become a popular search in Singapore because of this.  Lion dance performers, teachers, doctors, and religious practitioners are also paid with cash inside red packets to signify goodwill and sincere appreciation.  Customised red packet is a trend, particularly in the corporate world in China and other Southeast Asian regions and  money envelope printing has become one of the booming branches of the printing industry.


Origin of the Ang Pao Packet

As stated earlier, this tradition originated in China, where the elderly would thread coins using a red string during the Qin Dynasty. This is done because it was believed that a little demon named “sui” would quietly appear during New Year’s Eve, and will touch children’s heads, who will then be scared, and crying with a splitting headache.

Once there was an elderly couple who has a precious son. On New Year’s Eve, they were afraid that the evil spirit, sui would come. So, they gave the child eight copper coins to play with and to help keep him awake. However, their son was very sleepy and they did not have a choice but to let him sleep, but not before placing the copper coins in a red paper bag and putting it under the child’s pillow.

Not too long, a strange and strong wind blew the doors and windows open, and it was so strong that even the candlelight went out. It turned out that sui has visited. When sui reached out to touch the child, the pillow brighten up with a golden light, scaring the evil spirit away. From then on, the news on the effect of the copper money wrapped in red paper has spread all over the country and became  Chinese red packets.

Money was generally referred to as y?suì qián or money warding off evil spirits and was also used to protect the young ones from sickness and death. The y?suì qián was then replaced by red envelopes, particularly after printing presses became available and  money packet printing has become more accessible. Printers now print homophone for sui, which means old age, hence the printing on the red packets on  customised red packet now means “money warding off old age”.


Ang Bao Printing Services

These days, red packet printing services has become the norm. Alibaba Printing is now offering money envelope printing Singapore for various celebrations like Hari Raya, Diwali, and of course, Chinese New Year. Our unique designs are ideal to make your printed red envelopes or money packet printing Singapore stand out at any occasion. We are a red packet specialist printing company that you can trust.

Our clientele includes both local and international companies from different industries, hence once again proving that we are not only excellent in printing flyers, but in red packet printing, as well.  So, if you are looking for money envelope printing Singapore, just drop us a message.


Types of Red Packet Printing Services


Customized Red Packet Design Singapore Logo Hot Stamping


With logo hot stamping, you can have your logo be printed using gold foil or any other metallic shades available. This makes an elegant money envelope design with your brand logo on it.


Pattern Hot Stamping


With this type of printing, you can add texture and dimension to your  red packet envelope print with our unique print patterns.


Red Packet design Printing Service with Spot UV


If you want a subtle shine in your logo, you may opt for spot UV red packet printing services. This type of printing allows targeting of specific area or shape, thus adding a glossy finish and elegant look.


Ang Pow Printing Singapore Embossing or Debossing


You may also choose our embossing and debossing techniques for  money envelope printing Singapore to print ang pow packet. This method gives you the look and feel of money envelope design right against your fingers.


Die-Cut Ang Pow Printing Technique


To let you play with the designs and enjoy them even more, a fancier method called die cut paper art is also available for our red packet printing services.


Lamination with Red Packet Printing Service


Here we offer you with two options for custom red packet design: matte and glossy. Soon we will have the velvet touch lamination for an elevated approach.


Alibaba Printing for Red Packet Printing Services Singapore


Alibaba printing is a red packet printing company, in addition to being your go-to printing place for whatever printing job you need. We also accept  money packet printing online order to make it more convenient for our clients. Our money packet printing online order is easy and we will surely deliver the finished red packet envelope as soon as possible.


Moreover, aside from red packet printing, we also have green packet design printing Singapore. green packet printing Singapore is a very similar process, but of course, we use green envelopes for this.


Need to print print ang pow packet immediately? Visit us now or call our telephone numbers listed on our contact page. You can also leave a message here on our website, just make sure to ask about our ang pow printing Singapore.




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