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Red packet printing services is now available. But why is red packet printing necessary? First, let us take a look at the history of the ang pao or red envelope.

The red envelope, red packet envelope, hong bao, or ang pao, is customary in Chinese and other Southeast and East Asian societies. It is basically a gift of money, which is given during special occasions like graduation, birthdays, weddings, or other holidays like Chinese New Year, etc. This custom originally came from China, which was adopted across other Southeast Asian countries and even in western countries with sizable Chinese population. Because of this, money envelope printing has become one of the offerings for most printers, particularly in Singapore and other Asian nations.


Origin of the Ang Pao Packet : More than 10, 000 days ago,
The design, feel,material, display, type of works for lunar new year ( Cny ) its not as creative or as fancy of what we have today.


As stated earlier, this tradition originated in China, where the elderly would thread coins using a red string during the Qin Dynasty. This is done because it was believed that a little demon named “sui” would quietly appear during New Year’s Eve, and will touch children’s heads, who will then be scared, and crying with a splitting headache.
Once there was an elderly couple who has a precious son. On New Year’s Eve, they were afraid that the evil spirit, sui would come. So, they gave the child eight copper coins to play with and to help keep him awake. However, their son was very sleepy and they did not have a choice but to let him sleep, but not before placing the copper coins in a red paper bag and putting it under the child’s pillow.
Not too long, a strange and strong wind blew the doors and windows open, and it was so strong that even the candlelight went out. It turned out that sui has visited. When sui reached out to touch the child, the pillow brighten up with a golden light, scaring the evil spirit away. From then on, the news on the effect of the copper money wrapped in red paper has spread all over the country and became Chinese red packets.


Ang Bao Printing Services


These days, red packet printing services has become the norm. Alibaba Printing is now offering money envelope printing Singapore for various celebrations like Hari Raya, Diwali, and of course, Chinese New Year. Our unique designs are ideal to make your printed red envelopes or money packet printing Singapore stand out at any occasion. We are a red packet specialist printing company that you can trust.

Our clientele includes both local and international companies from different industries, hence once again proving that we are not only excellent in printing flyers, but in red packet printing, as well.  So, if you are looking for money envelope printing Singapore, just drop us a message.


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