Safety First! Store Your Face Masks Using a Customized Mask Keeper Singapore

The COVID-19 pandemic is not going away anytime soon, and people are becoming creative, especially in keeping themselves safe from cross-contaminating the virus.

case keeper mask



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Using Mask Keeper Singapore to Prevent Cross-Contamination in a Simple Way

Mask Keeper Singapore is a Need and here are the Reasons Why



Aside from using face shields, gloves, and other items for safety precautions when going out, the face mask keeper Singapore is now becoming a trend of safety for the following reasons:

  • There is a global shortage in supply for face masks, surgical face masks, to be exact. This disposable type of face mask is a need in today’s new normal way of living, and not everyone is a fan of using washable or reusable face masks. Using mask keepers would reduce the percentage of using a new one whenever a person would need to remove the face mask for a certain instance.
  • People can store the used face mask in a short period when dining or doing something important wherein removal of the face mask is required. It also avoids placing face masks on the table or on all the other things that an individual has, causing cross-contamination over personal stuff like pockets, keys, etc.
  • It helps in the prevention of used face masks to become polluted by open air. Used surgical face masks could build up moisture over time and will be contaminated due to open-air pollutants. People can now avoid this problem and lengthen the life of the face masks and allow the individual to use it again before it finally expires.
  • Face mask keepers are handy, small, lightweight, and easy to clean and carry around. Depending on the design of the keeper, you can choose from different styles with custom designs too. You can choose a foldable mask keeper where you can easily slide it in your pocket. Another style is the hard case if you prefer the keeper to give you solid protection. You can also choose the food-grade silicon kind if you want to sanitize it with boiling water. It all depends on your needs and preferences. You can even choose your favorite color and design!


It may be a trend today, but people still need to remember the importance of clean hands by constant washing and sanitizing using or germ-killer soaps or alcohol-based products that you can buy in pharmacies or groceries.


Before putting anything in the mask keeper, one crucial thing to remember is that it should be clean and sanitized, and you know which side uses the outer or inner part of the face mask to place it inside properly. The hands should be clean before and after putting the face mask in the keeper too to avoid cross-contamination.


If the face mask is already full of moisture, you need to use a new one to avoid bacteria buildup, do not put it in the keeper if this is the case.


It could be one of the best and simplest innovations during this pandemic time. There’s no harm in trying it too, and even experts say that it’s a good idea to separate the used face mask using a keeper or storage to avoid cross-contamination.




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