Scaling your Flyers for Better Advertising

Scaling your Flyers for Better Advertising

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Proving that flyer printing and

flyer distribution had helped

out with your business to

grow, then it is now the time

to have a larger flyer

campaign. You do not need

to change everything but to do another test to your existing flyers. Print at least 10 times

of what you are distributing before to add numbers to your prospect customers.





  • Test out your flyers like the changing the wording of your flyers.



  • You need to try some more compelling offer.



  • Try to have multiple offers but needs to be incremental when adding one. This will

make your test much easier to gain popularity and interest from prospect customers.





Changing too many elements in your existing flyer will not give you the idea on what is

giving an effect why people are encourage to check out your business. When you do

flyer testing again, make sure to chop down the information to change or to upgrade to

hit the elements which you will need to work on your next flyer campaign in promoting your business.





The main reason for expanding is for you to have the better data on how effective your

campaign is with a baseline flyer. This will help you have more accurate conversion rate

of the first flyer that you have changed.


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