Should I Do Envelope Printing Online Or At My Home Printer?


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What is the Purpose of Envelope Printing?



Are you thinking about making your envelopes but can’t figure out whether to do it online or design yourself and print using your home computer? It’s fun spending time being creative to create your envelope.


If you do have a printer at home, then doing envelop printing online is your best choice. You can use the template available over the internet and order it to the website right away. It’s easy and quick too.


But if you are willing to make your A7 envelopes at home, you can keep them simple and make them by yourself from scratch.




Step#1: Choose the editing software.


In creating the design, you can use graphic editing software like Adobe Photoshop. But if using layers seems too complicated for you, use Microsoft word and excel.


Step#2: Put the envelope in the printer.


The printing process of an envelope is similar to doing it on paper. There are just a few different steps that you’ll need to take note of. With the envelope, you will want to put the shirt edge first and make sure that the flap is closed.


Step#3: Make the spreadsheet.


We need the spreadsheet so that you can fill in the information. Make a section and put the name, address, and country. See to it that you fill the spreadsheet and label correctly.


Step#4: Document set up.


Read the details thoroughly because this is the most crucial part. Open a new Word document, but the size should match the size of your envelope to avoid wasting your ink. If you have a 4 1/8 inches height by 9 ½ inches wide, it should match the setting on your word document. Don’t forget to set the size in decimals.


Step#5: Choose your preferred font.


See to it that the size of the font is not too small. The font type does not matter as long as it is readable, so choose the size that is not too small. It should be big enough so that the receiver won’t have a hard time reading the texts. The text should be placed in the center to make it look symmetrical. Don’t forget to save the file.


Step#6: Begin with the Mail Merge


After the text, you will need to begin the mail merge. Proceed to the mailing header on Word Document, then choose recipients. Click on the “use an existing list option” found on the drop-down menu. Choose the excel file you saved once the folder pops up. After the excel file has been imported, choose the area where you prefer to put the spreadsheet.


Go back to Mailings, you will then see a drop-down menu with the name of the cells that will pop up. You will then choose the cells you prefer and put them on the document file.


Step#7: Setting Up the Printer Driver


The printer driver must be set wherein you will enter a custom size. The size you will choose must exactly be the same as the envelope size you are using.


Step#8: Printer Test


Doing a print test will save you time and avoid wasting a lot of paper or envelopes. It is highly recommended to do so before you start printing in batches.


Step#9: Printing Time


Just follow the steps and you will surely get them done in no time.


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