Simple Flyer Design for Flyer Distribution at Jalan Kayu

Flyers are used to attract the attention of potential clients or buyers and at the same time ask them to go for the purchase or avail the services you offer. But should flyers be all colorful and full of images just to be noticed? The answer is no. It all rely on the layout and positioning of the texts and designs. For example, the flyer design we used for the flyers distribution at Jalan Kayu project. It is a very simple flyer layout that uses black and white and zero images. However, we can say that the layout design is still eye catching.

Flyers  distribution at Jalan Kayu

The flyer layout consists of simple white text with a “TUITION” heading over a black background. Then the other texts are in black only using simple font. The word “TUITION” in block form, framed with a black background is what catches the attention of the receiver. It is simple, yet looks very professional. The design opposed the layout we used with the flyers printing and distribution at SengKang design project, where lots of texts and a couple of images are used. Both can be very effective in promoting their respective brands, and it is all in how the design is laid out.

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