Step By Step Flyer Distribution

Step By Step Flyer Distribution



Flyer distribution and flyer printing are

expensive method of advertisement and

marketing. It has been proven and tested to

be effective especially for small businesses

because it does not require so much capital

to invest on. However, just because printing

flyers does not cost the business a fortune

does not mean that the printed materials can

be taken for granted.



A proper approach should be taken when handing out flyers, otherwise you will just be

watching your money go down the drain. To ensure effectiveness in the use of flyers for

marketing, strategic planning should be incorporated and done prior to the procedure itself.



To start off, there is the question of venue. One should determine the location for the flyer

distribution. For a business with an actual retail business location, it is best to start from

there. A good technique to work with is going in concentric circles outward from the

business location. With the aid of a local map, street plan or with Google Maps, this can be

duly plotted out to ensure that all areas of possible business within the locality is covered.

This covers the accessibility advantage that you offer to the consumers within the area.



Next considered to think about is the target market and its profile. Considering the

products and services you are offering, which part of the population is most likely to

benefit and avail of it? After knowing this, you can do a quick research based on known

facts as well as suggestions from varied sources on the usual venues frequented by your

target market. While most businesses are putting their flyer distribution forth in malls,

parks and similar public areas, being specific in targeting your potential customers save

you money and effort while increasing the actual results of your marketing strategy. After

all, flyer distribution for car insurance services will definitely not work in gaming arenas

because even adult gamers are not there to learn or avail of such services.



It should also not be forgotten that flyer distribution is not a one-time thing. Consumers

take time to decide on their purchases, and what is not needed today might be necessary

later on. The idea timeline is three months to ensure that you and your business are right

there in front of your consumers’ eyes, ready for when they need what you have to offer.



Flyer distribution is known to be effective by itself. However, it can serve more of its

purpose if done the right way.



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