Sticker Label Printing Singapore: The Final Say on Paper VS Vinyl


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Are you a little confused about using paper or vinyl for your sticker label printing in Singapore? If you are, Alibaba Printing can help you clear your mind on this matter to help you make the right decision for your business.


You may already be thinking about which one but still unsure, below are details on the crucial points that you need to remember.


Vinyl Label and Stickers Properties

Vinyl is polypropylene only. It has replaced PVC vinyl since it has the same properties, just without the toxic contents that PVC has, which is a concern for the environment and many people. So what are polypropylene’s properties? It is weatherproof, waterproof, scratch-resistant, UV-resistant, weatherproof, and tear-resistant. Plus, it is safe to be used for food packaging, and it’s recyclable too.


Polypropylene labels and vinyl stickers are a little more costly compared to using paper. However, they have more properties that customers like. A good example would be its ability to peel off in one action rather than ripping it off into smaller pieces. The plastic-like finish of polypropylene is also appreciated by many.


Labels and Paper Stickers Properties

Don’t get it wrong, but paper can still provide a good look, most especially if you use matt or gloss laminate for the type of finish that you like. But, it’s clear that it is not as durable as the polypropylene vinyl, it’s not waterproof too, which is why it can be torn to pieces easily.


With that, if you have a tight budget, then this option is cheaper, giving you more labels/stickers within your limited budget. Some clients like the finish of paper since it doesn’t look too plastic, and textured paper can also give that rustic effect or look.


Labels and Food Safety

This is one of the main differences between paper and vinyl labels for products. Polypropylene is adequately safe when used outside the packaging of the food but the uncoated paper is the only 100% safe for food when directly touches the drink or food for consumption.


Example: You can place a polypropylene label

outside of the plastic container for food. But if you need to put a sticker on the apples itself, the uncoated paper is the safer choice. There may be instances when the label or stickers will have direct contact with the mouth like children’s toys, wherein the uncoated paper is the best and safest choice.


The Final Say:

  • Find out the purpose and needs. Do you need waterproof or durable properties? If so, choose polypropylene vinyl.
  • If you don’t care about the properties, but you want your budget maximized, then choose paper.
  • For food labels, you have to remember a few things. If it’s for outside of the container or packaging, use polypropylene vinyl.
  • But if you think the stickers may be placed on something that will be consumed, choose uncoated paper.
  • Lastly, if the label or sticker will be in direct contact with the mouth, choose uncoated paper.




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