Sticker Printing Singapore Q&A: Can I Print Stickers Using My Home Printer?


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Are you thinking about printing stickers for an event or marketing campaign? Are you confused about whether to do it using your printer or with the help of a printing company? If your answer is all YES, then Alibaba Printing can show you how you can do it and whether it’s a good option for you to do it on your own.


Every company or individual has a limit in budgeting the money for marketing or personal use. Many are curious to know whether they can print their stickers using their home printer. Well, of course, you can. You can customize it on your own without the help of a designer, you can print only to the number of pages that you need, and you won’t need a special kind of inkjet printer for it, but you need to plan well to avoid wasting sticker paper and ink.


The first thing to establish is to know how many stickers you need to print and check the documentation of your printer to see the number of cartridges you need to use. Cartridges don’t come cheap, so you better be careful.


STEP 1: Buy sticker paper, you can usually find them in supply stores.


STEP 2: Design the sticker using an editing application that’s familiar to you. Use something like Photoshop, GIMP, Microsoft Word, or anything that will allow you to add images and write texts. Set it to standard letter-sized document, maximize the space by carefully arranging the designs, and making sure you can cut the stickers at the same time. You can also utilize a sticker template that you can find online.


STEP 3: Check the colors. Remember, heavy colors can take a toll on the ink supply of the inkjet printer.


STEP 4: First, print a test page using a plain sheet of paper to help you see if you are satisfied with the quality.


STEP 5: Insert a sticker paper that’s completely flat, without any folds or wrinkles to avoid getting stuck in the feed of the printer.


STEP 6: Wait and let it dry once the printing is done. Do not touch the surface.


STEP 7: Cut out the sticker using a paper cutter or sharp scissor.


Is it too much of a hassle? Well, the good thing about it is that you can save money IF you are doing everything correctly. However, if you are not that artistic and familiar with using editing applications and software, you will end up putting a lot of effort and time into designing it. Plus, it’s always best to get the help of professional graphic designers to help you print the best design for your marketing plans. There are in-house graphic designers in printing companies like Alibaba Printing wherein you can lay down your plans, details, and other preferences.


It’s not expensive to have the stickers printed from a printing company. There are cheap sticker printing packages that you can avail of.




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