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Know the Difference: Decals versus Sticker Printing Singapore



Sticker printing has many uses, and our clients come from all types of industries for business and personal purposes.


Alibaba Printing has been providing sticker printing services for many years, and our loyal clients can attest to the quality and affordable packages that we offer.


If you are new to this kind of marketing tool and you are looking for information on how you can take advantage of it for your business, here are the usual client Frequently Asked Questions that can help you:

  • Where is the sticker made from? 

– All of our stickers are manufactured here in Singapore.


  • Can you design the sticker, tape, or label for me? 

– We can help as long as you provide us the files that we need, such as the logos and the fonts that you prefer.


  • Is there a possibility that the number of my stickers differs from what I originally ordered? 

– There is a possibility that we usually send more than what you ordered. But if you are short with stickers, tapes, or labels, we can offer you more for free.


  • Do you have the glossy or matte finish kind of sticker paper? 

– Yes, we have a matte or glossy finish.


  • How long will the stickers last? 

– It mostly depends on the weather conditions, but our stickers can last 3 to 5 years.


  • Do you have clear vinyl or transparent stickers? 

– Yes.


  • Can it stick to fabrics? 

– Yes, it can.


  • Can I use a pen to write on my stickers? 

– Yes, but strongly suggest using permanent markers and ballpoint pens.


  • Is it possible to print QR codes on the stickers? 

– As long as you include them in your artwork, we can print them. Make sure that the QR code has a white border around it, and the size should be at least 2.50cm or 2”.


  • Will the logo of your company appear on my sticker too? 

– No. We will not include anything else. We only print what’s on the artwork.


  • Can you ship my orders? 

– Yes, free shipping within Singapore.


  • When will my stickers arrive? 

– After you have approved the proofing, the stickers will be ready in 5 working days. But if it entails more complicated work or its exceptionally bulk orders, it may arrive a few more days later than the usual schedule.


  • What about expedited shipping? 

– There are limitations as to how fast you want your stickers to be delivered. We can speed things up, but it will come at an extra cost on your part.


  • Can you ship to other countries? 

– Yes, we can, local and international.


  • Can you deliver on the exact date for the arrival of my stickers? 

– Yes, we can, but you need to email us ahead to make the arrangements.


  • Will you send me a proof before I order? 

– Yes, we can send you the proof before confirming your order, and we can revise it until you are satisfied.


For more in-depth questions or clarifications that you have in mind, call us, and we’d be glad to assist you with your questions.



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