Still a Good Marketing Strategy Even Today!


Still a Good Marketing Strategy Even Today!


Flyer Distribution 23




For some reasons, many business owners and marketing ‘experts’ have overlooked flyer

printing and flyer distribution as a ‘too common’ advertising resource. While the Computer Age

is still on its prime, most business companies have opted to electronic advertising – giving

bigger emphases and budgets to software and apps, video and animated productions,

social media platforms broadcasting, and other internet-based ad resources. However, for

startups and small scale businesses in more confined areas, this marketing strategy is

still a good and beneficial method even today. Why so?



For a startup or a small-scale business, in order to have an effective broadcasting, a low-

priced cost-efficient method is what you’ll need to utilize–that is best exemplified in flyer

printing and distribution. What you can’t underestimate in this strategy is the direct-selling

system it can give you which highly results to a higher customer-gaining percentage

compared to high-paying random virtual advertising. With your distributing agents, you will

have a bigger chance at building actual client-customer trust. Further, house-to-house

flyer distributions can open a lot of opportunities in winning prospects. With that, you can

even make immediate follow-ups that can reflect to a good feedback on your services.





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