Affordable Calendar Printing Singapore Price Guide

Ever wondered about the cost of creating branded calendars? Learn about affordable calendar printing in Singapore. SG Printz and Alibaba Printing lead with good prices and customized desktop calendars.

These calendars look great and help plan your schedule. They come in materials like chipboard and art card. Each type offers different print qualities and designs.

Finding the right calendar printing cost in Singapore means looking at customization and orders. This careful choice brands your company well. Daily, it keeps your logo visible. As you look at Singapore calendar printing options, think of calendars as both art and marketing tools. They must look good and promote your brand.

Introduction to Calendar Printing in Singapore

Calendar printing in Singapore is key for marketing and keeping businesses organized. With custom calendar printing services, companies stay in sight daily. A well-made calendar reminds people of your company’s products and services.

Personalized calendar printing has many uses for businesses. These calendars help keep everyone on track and your brand in mind. They are great for marking special dates and planning events.

Singapore has many custom calendar printing services for different business needs. There are often deals and discounts available. This helps businesses save on advertising all year round. Choosing the best calendar rob printing company is key. A good choice means your branding will look great and arrive on time.

Branded calendars do more than show dates. They are a smart way to share your brand’s message throughout the year. When looking at calendar printing services in Singapore, think about how they can increase your visibility. They also keep you connected with clients and stakeholders.

Service Benefits
Custom Calendar Printing Services Enhances brand visibility daily
Personalized Calendar Printing Serves as practical organizational tools while promoting brands
Best Calendar Printing Company Ensures quality, consistency, and timely delivery

Types of Calendars Available for Printing

Businesses have many choices for calendar printing, each meeting their unique needs. They can pick from desktop calendars for clients’ desks to wall calendars for more visibility. These options help brands stay in front of their clients all year.

Desktop Calendars

Desktop calendars are great because they’re right where you work. They can be customized to show off a brand’s style. Options include strong chipboard or sleek art cards, with Wire-O Binding for a classy look and durability.

Wall Calendars

Wall calendars are seen more because they are bigger and go on walls. They’re great for showing off big designs, promotions, and special dates. Brands can use bright colors and clear images to grab attention from afar.

Desktop calendars get looked at often, and wall calendars are hard to miss. By using custom designs, businesses can pick what works best for their goals. This ensures their brand stays front and center all year.

Factors Affecting Calendar Printing Prices

There are many things that can change the cost of printing calendars. In Singapore, the price can be influenced by the quality of materials and how much customization you want.

Material Quality

The materials used are very important for the final cost. You can choose from sturdy chipboard stands to various types of art cards. These materials not only last longer but also feel more premium.

Adding special coatings can increase the price. However, it makes your calendar look better and last longer. In Singapore, you can pick materials that fit both your budget and quality needs.

personalized calendar printing

Customization Options

Personalized calendar printing allows you to make your calendar unique. The price can change based on how many sides you print on and the type of binding you choose, like Wire-O Binding. Adding custom designs or features can also increase the cost.

Businesses can find the right balance between cost and customization. This helps meet their marketing goals with Singapore calendar printing options.

How to Get the Best Calendar Printing Deals in Singapore

To find affordable calendar printing in Singapore, plan smartly. Bulk orders and seasonal discounts are key to saving money.

Bulk Orders

Ordering calendars in bulk is a wise move. It helps businesses cut costs per unit. This is ideal for those looking to distribute widely and save money.

Seasonal Discounts

Seasonal discounts are another way to save. Printers often have special deals during holidays or sales. Companies should watch for these times to buy, aiming for the best prices.

Customization Options for Calendars

Many businesses use custom calendars to showcase their brand. They choose unique designs that make their calendars stand out all year. With custom calendar printing, they can match these products to their branding needs perfectly.

One key feature is marking special company events on these calendars. It helps highlight important dates, keeping everyone updated. Including a product list in the calendar also keeps customers in the loop about what’s offered, boosting brand visibility.

Custom calendars can double as product catalogs. They’re not just for tracking dates but also for promoting products and services all year. This way, they keep marketing your brand subtly.

This wide range of customization makes calendars more than just date trackers. They become key tools for engaging customers and promoting brands. By picking the right design and features, businesses can grow their visibility and make customers more loyal.

Choosing the Right Printing Company

Finding the best calendar printing company means looking at several important things. The company must deliver high-quality calendar printing work. This includes how the calendars look and feel, their durability, and how clear the print is.

A top company stands out for its customer service. They answer all questions fast. They also make sure your calendars arrive on time. Businesses do not want delays messing up their plans.

high-quality calendar printing

Good prices matter too. They help businesses meet their goals without spending too much. A trustworthy printer will help choose the right materials and printing methods.

It’s vital to work with a printer that understands your goals. They should turn your ideas into effective promotional calendars.

The best printing company combines all these points. They offer custom solutions for every client’s needs. This makes clients happy with their calendars. It also makes their promotions work better.

Calendar Printing Singapore Price

It’s important to know the costs involved in calendar printing in Singapore. The cost changes based on the calendar type. Both desktop and wall calendars have different prices.

Material quality also affects the price. Using high-quality paper or special finishes makes the price go up. Here is how the costs break down:

Calendar Type Material Customization Approximate Cost (SGD)
Desktop Art Card Full Color, Wire-O Binding 2.50 – 5.00
Wall Mat and Finish Full Bleed, UV Coating 4.00 – 7.50

Buying more can lower the price per calendar. It’s a good plan for businesses that need many. Adding things like logos or special designs costs more, but it helps with branding.

Don’t forget about design and delivery costs. They can add to your overall spending. Knowing these details helps businesses spend wisely on their marketing.

High-Quality Calendar Printing with Alibaba Printing

Alibaba Printing is a top choice in calendar printing. They help businesses stay visible with quality, custom calendars. They aim to go beyond what customers expect in quality and reliability. Alibaba Printing has a wide range of calendar types to fit different branding needs.

Looking for desktop or wall calendars? Alibaba Printing has many options. They focus on personalized service to boost your brand.

Examples of Calendar Types Offered

Alibaba Printing offers these popular calendar types, custom designed to stand out:

  • Desktop Calendars: Compact and stylish, great for daily brand presence on desks.
  • Wall Calendars: Perfect for large spaces, they grab attention and showcase products well.
  • Pocket Calendars: Handy and portable for clients always on the move.

Alibaba Printing shines in making calendars that reflect your brand. They pay attention to every detail, from design to delivery.

Choosing Alibaba Printing for custom calendars is a smart move. They offer a vast selection and are focused on quality. This makes them a favorite in Singapore.

Here’s a brief look at the calendar types Alibaba Printing offers:

Calendar Type Features Best For
Desktop Calendars Compact, Stylish Designs Office Desks
Wall Calendars Large Print, High Visibility Office Walls, Lobbies
Pocket Calendars Portable, Easy to Carry On-the-Go Clients

Alibaba Printing makes calendars that do more than track dates. They keep your brand alive in your audience’s mind all year.


Calendar printing helps keep your brand in people’s minds every day. It allows companies to make unique calendars that not only keep track of dates but also boost their brand. With lots of options for calendar printing in Singapore, every business can find the perfect fit.

It’s key to know what affects the price, like the quality of materials and how much you customize. Getting a good deal through large orders or discounts can make calendars a cost-effective marketing tool. Alibaba Printing offers great deals that meet the needs of different companies.

Finding the best calendar printing service means looking at their quality, custom options, and delivery speed. Personalized calendars are a powerful way to keep your brand visible all year. They are vital for businesses wanting to be a constant part of their customers’ daily lives.


What affects the cost of calendar printing in Singapore?

The price of calendar printing in Singapore depends on a few things. These include material quality, how much you customize, and how many you order. The type of binding and extra services like design and delivery also play a part.

Using high-quality materials or adding custom designs can increase the price. This is something to keep in mind when planning your calendar.

What types of calendars can I print for my business?

There are different kinds of calendars you can print. These include desktop and wall calendars. Desktop calendars are great because they stay right in front of your client. They can be customized with your designs and materials for the stand.

Wall calendars are good for getting noticed in a room. They are big, so your marketing message is easy to see.

Why should businesses invest in custom calendar printing?

Custom calendars are a smart marketing strategy. They keep your brand in front of your customers every day. They remind people about your products and help with planning.

They’re useful, keep your name out there, and are beneficial for a long time.

How can I get the best deals on calendar printing in Singapore?

For the best deals, think about ordering in large quantities. This can lower the cost for each calendar. Also, look for discounts and special offers.

Many companies offer lower prices during certain times of the year or for early orders. This can help you save money.

What customization options are available for calendar printing?

You can customize calendars in many ways. This includes choosing designs, highlighting special events, and adding product lists. You can even put in a detailed product catalog.

Options for materials, binding, print sides, and coatings let you match the calendar to your brand.

What should I consider when choosing a calendar printing company?

When picking a printing company, look at their product quality and customer service. Check if they deliver on time and offer good prices. It’s important to choose a company that gets your marketing goals and can meet your needs.

How does Alibaba Printing ensure high-quality calendar w??printing?

Alibaba Printing focuses on quality, reliability, and fair pricing. They offer a variety of calendar types. Each product is made with care to meet high standards.

They also offer many customization options. This helps meet different branding needs.

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