Scratch Card Printing Cost in Singapore – Rates

Wondering how to save on scratch card printing in Singapore but keep the quality?

Alibaba Printing makes it affordable to print scratch cards in Singapore. We help your business connect with customers. Our cards, including delivery, are printed on top-notch 300gsm Art Card. They come with a scratch area of 22x6mm for up to five characters. You can pick standard sizes like 90mm x 54mm or 80mm x 140mm, fitting your promotional needs perfectly. If you need unique designs, we also offer custom quotes.

Check out our great prices for scratch card printing and explore our full range of services today!

Introduction to Scratch Card Printing in Singapore

Scratch card printing offers a creative way to attract customers with promotions in Singapore. Businesses want to increase customer interaction and get more people into their stores. A cost-effective solution like affordable scratch card printing is vital.

Alibaba Printing, a scratch card printing company leader in Singapore, has many options. These are for businesses aiming to improve their promos. Scratch cards can change visitors into regulars, whether it’s through a special discount or surprise rewards.

Alibaba Printing commits to affordable scratch card printing services. So, even smaller businesses can use high-quality promos without spending too much. This mindset is why many local companies prefer them.

Scratch cards are versatile, perfect for marketing or rewarding customers. With Alibaba Printing, firms in Singapore can use these tools easily in their promotions. They offer expert services at good prices, making them a top scratch card printing company.

Factors Influencing Scratch Card Printing Cost

Several key factors affect the cost of printing scratch cards. Understanding these can help you make smart choices for the best value. This will ensure you get the most for your money.

Material Choices

The quality of scratch card material is key. Using top-notch materials like 300gsm Art Card can make your cards last longer and look better. The material impacts the price, so choose wisely without spending too much.

Customization Options

Customizing your scratch cards can add to the cost. Adding special designs or features may increase your expenses. Yet, these custom touches can also enhance your promotional activities. Just remember, these extras will cost you more.

Quantity of Order

Ordering scratch cards in bulk can save you money. Larger orders often get you discounts, which is great for big promotions. The more you print, the less you’ll pay per card, cutting down your costs considerably.

Standard Scratch Card Sizes

Knowing the right scratch card sizes is key for your promo plans. Alibaba Printing has many options for both standard and special needs.

Common Dimensions

A regular scratch card size works well for most promos. Alibaba Printing has popular sizes like 90mm x 54mm. These are great for various marketing efforts, keeping things affordable and easy for users.

scratch card dimensions

Custom Dimensions

Sometimes, a standard size doesn’t fit every campaign. If you need unique sizes for special promos, custom scratch card dimensions are available. Alibaba Printing can make scratch cards that perfectly match your brand and goals.

Size Type Dimensions (mm)
Standard Scratch Card Size 90mm x 54mm
Custom Dimension Example 80mm x 140mm

Choosing a standard scratch card size or custom scratch card dimensions, Alibaba Printing delivers excellence. They help your promo campaigns shine.

Material and Printing Quality

Alibaba Printing commits to top-notch high-quality scratch card printing. They use the best materials and careful printing methods. This ensures great results every time.

270gsm Art Card

The 270gsm Art Card is a highlight for scratch card printing at Alibaba Printing. It’s strong and looks professional, making your scratch cards both tough and attractive. This gives customers a great feeling when they use them.

Mirrorkote Sticker

Also, Alibaba Printing offers Mirrorkote sticker customization. This adds a shiny look and a smooth, glossy touch. The Mirrorkote makes scratch cards more appealing to people. It makes sure your product catches the eye in any marketing effort.

The 270gsm Art Card’s durability meets Mirrorkote stickers’ shine beautifully. Together, they create a scratch card that not only catches the eye but is also strong. This mix is perfect for companies wanting their promotional items to be unforgettable.

Material Features Benefits
270gsm Art Card High durability, professional finish Sturdy and visually appealing
Mirrorkote Sticker Glossy, refined appearance Enhanced look and feel, customizable

Affordable Scratch Card Printing Services

Alibaba Printing is a top choice in Singapore for cheap scratch card printing. They are known for their great quality and low prices. This makes them the preferred option for businesses looking for cost-effective scratch card printing solutions.

They use advanced printing technology to ensure high-quality scratch cards. Alibaba Printing is recognized as one of the best scratch card printing providers in the area. They achieve excellent service without sacrificing quality.

Companies in Singapore needing cost-effective scratch card printing will find Alibaba Printing prompt and customer-friendly. Their commitment to quality and affordability makes them the perfect partner for any promo or marketing effort.

Feature Details
Material 300gsm Art Card
Standard Sizes 90mm x 54mm, 80mm x 140mm
Customization Available
Delivery Included

Alibaba Printing offers both standard and custom sizes. They focus on quality materials and flexible design. They are dedicated to providing the best scratch card printing at good prices. Their services are designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses, ensuring a custom fit for every marketing campaign.

Customization and Design Options

Creating effective promotional tools requires unique customization. Alibaba Printing offers many customization choices. This lets businesses make scratch cards that really stand out. You can choose colors and designs to bring your promotional ideas to life. They will be made with precision and creativity.

custom scratch card design

Color and Design Specifics

Alibaba Printing gives you a wide range of colors to match your brand. You can pick vibrant colors or soft tones. You can choose full-color prints or simple designs. The aim is to make sure the final product fits your marketing goals. Adding your logos, themes, and brand colors is easy. This ensures your custom scratch card design is attractive and consistent.

Scratch Area Customization

The scratch area is key to a card’s look and function. Alibaba Printing lets you customize this area’s size, shape, and position. This improves user experience while keeping the design true. You can have a regular scratch area or something totally unique. This flexibility means all your promotional needs are covered.

Alibaba Printing’s wide range in scratch card color customization, custom scratch card design, and scratch area design helps businesses engage their audience. It also keeps the brand’s look consistent.

Bulk Orders and Discounts

Alibaba Printing gives great deals on bulk scratch card orders for businesses. This way, companies can cut down on how much they spend on promotional stuff. Getting a lot of scratch cards printed at once is both cost-effective and high in quality.

Pricing for Different Quantities

The cost depends on how many you buy. Alibaba Printing has really good prices for bulk scratch cards, making it affordable no matter the campaign size. Buying more means paying less for each, which is perfect for big promotions.

Examples of Bulk Pricing

To help customers understand their prices, Alibaba Printing shows bulk pricing for scratch cards. Here’s a table with different amounts and their prices:

Quantity Price per Card (SGD) Total Price (SGD)
1,000 $0.50 $500
5,000 $0.45 $2,250
10,000 $0.40 $4,000
50,000 $0.35 $17,500

Scratch Card Printing Cost

Knowing the scratch card cost helps businesses plan their promotional budget. Alibaba Printing offers scratch card printing prices that fit many marketing plans. Prices change based on how many you order, what material you use, and your design choices. This makes it adaptable for any budget.

Quantity Material Customization Cost per Unit
1000 300gsm Art Card Basic Design $0.50
2000 300gsm Art Card Standard Design $0.45
5000 300gsm Art Card Advanced Design $0.40
10000 300gsm Art Card Premium Design $0.35

Alibaba Printing’s scratch card printing prices are competitive. They let all kinds of businesses get high-quality promotional materials without breaking the bank. With many pricing options, finding the right solution for your marketing needs is easier.

Advantages of Using Scratch Cards for Promotions

Scratch cards add a fun twist to promotions, catching customers’ interest. Their ability to offer instant wins boosts happiness and draws people back. This quick reward system is a key scratch card promotional advantage.

These cards also drive people to visit stores or sites to claim prizes. This boosts foot traffic and online visits, improving customer relations. Stronger connections with customers increase brand loyalty and recall.

Scratch cards, by being physical, act as ongoing adverts for the brand. They work well for various events, like product launches or seasonal sales. Their versatility strengthens the scratch card marketing impact.

Cheap to make in large amounts, scratch cards fit any budget. They draw in customers, expand brand recognition, and encourage loyalty. These benefits make them a powerful tool in marketing efforts.

Case Study: Successful Scratch Card Campaigns

Alibaba Printing shares many success stories on scratch cards. They show how well these cards work worldwide to engage customers.

Local Success Stories

A top supermarket in Singapore ran a great campaign with scratch cards. They saw more people coming in and more sales. These scratch cards got customers coming back to win discounts and prizes.

International Comparisons

A fashion retailer in Europe also had great results with scratch cards. They gave them out during an event to get customers more involved. This approach helped them stand out and attract more customers.

These examples prove scratch cards are powerful for businesses everywhere. They boost customer interaction and sales, making them a smart choice for marketing.


Alibaba Printing is a top choice in Singapore for scratch card printing. They help businesses create unforgettable promotional strategies. This grabs and keeps customers’ attention.

They offer many customization choices and use high-quality materials like 270gsm Art Card. Their prices are also competitive. This makes Alibaba Printing the perfect partner for marketing campaigns that stand out.

Using scratch cards in promotions can really boost customer interest and loyalty. Alibaba Printing has the know-how and services to help Singapore businesses succeed. They help firms make a strong mark in the market.


How much does scratch card printing cost in Singapore?

The price of printing scratch cards in Singapore varies. It depends on the material, customization, and how many you order. Buying in bulk can save you money. For an exact cost, it’s a good idea to reach out directly to Alibaba Printing for a quote.

What materials are used for high-quality scratch card printing?

For top-notch scratch cards, Alibaba Printing uses materials like 300gsm and 270gsm Art Card. They also offer special options like Mirrorkote Stickers to make the cards look and feel more premium.

Can I order custom scratch card dimensions?

Yes. Alibaba Printing allows you to customize the size of your scratch cards. While common sizes are available, you can also request unique sizes for your specific needs.

What customization options are available for scratch card printing?

Alibaba Printing provides many ways to customize scratch cards. You can choose full-color prints and specific areas to scratch. This helps make your cards fit your brand and campaign goals perfectly.

Does Alibaba Printing provide bulk order discounts for scratch card printing?

Indeed, Alibaba Printing gives discounts for large orders. The more you order, the cheaper each card gets. This makes it cost-effective for big promotions.

What are the standard sizes for scratch cards?

Standard scratch card sizes at Alibaba Printing are 90mm x 54mm and 80mm x 140mm. These sizes work well for many promotions. However, they can customize sizes to meet different needs.

Why should I use scratch cards for promotions?

Scratch cards make promotions interactive and fun. They boost customer engagement, drive more store visits, and help keep customers interested. A game-like experience can improve your brand’s memory and increase sales.

How can I ensure that my scratch cards are of the best printing quality?

To get high-quality scratch cards, choose Alibaba Printing. They use the best materials and offer great customization like Mirrorkote Stickers. Their expertise means you get clear, bright, and long-lasting scratch cards.

Are there any case studies demonstrating the effectiveness of scratch card campaigns?

Yes, Alibaba Printing has case studies on successful scratch card campaigns. These stories show how scratch cards have boosted customer interaction, brand recognition, and sales, proving they’re a powerful marketing tool.

What makes Alibaba Printing the best choice for low-cost scratch card printing services?

Alibaba Printing is known for its affordable printing without sacrificing quality. Their competitive prices, excellent materials, wide range of customization options, and outstanding service make them a top pick for scratch card printing in Singapore.

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