Custom Wallet Tissue Printing Services in Singapore

Have you thought about how wallet tissues can boost your brand’s marketing?

Alibaba Printing offers top-notch wallet tissue printing in Singapore. It’s a creative way for guerrilla marketing. You can choose elegant packaging that includes your logo, contact details, deals, and QR codes. Their special wallet tissue packs create a memorable impact.

They offer four panels for ads, both inside and outside the pack. You can pick from 2-ply or 3-ply, and each pack has either 8 or 10 tissues.

With Alibaba Printing, you can make sure your message reaches many people effectively.

Introduction to Custom Wallet Tissue Printing

Custom wallet tissue printing is becoming a popular choice for businesses. It’s a way to combine usefulness with smart branding. By using custom designs, companies can turn an everyday item like wallet tissues into a powerful advertising tool.

Wallet tissues are not like other promo items. They offer a personalized tissue printing method. Each pack has its own special message. Alibaba Printing excels in making these, adding a personal touch to meet branding goals, perfect for marketing in Singapore.

Unique tissue printing is great because it keeps your brand in people’s minds while being useful. It’s ideal for events, trade shows, or direct marketing. With Alibaba Printing, these wallet tissues stand out with cool designs and practical use.

Businesses can make a big impact with custom wallet tissue printing. Choosing Alibaba Printing means your promotional items will grab attention. They’ll be remembered for their uniqueness and personal touches.

Benefits of Personalized Tissue Printing

Personalized tissue printing boosts marketing in innovative ways. It’s both useful and promotional. Let’s explore the main benefits:

Cost-Effective Marketing

Custom printed pocket tissues are budget-friendly marketing tools. They are more than just ads because people really use them. This leads to a lasting impact and more value for the money spent.

High Visibility

Custom printed tissues really stand out. They capture more attention than regular flyers or brochures. Since people use these tissues, your brand gets noticed more often. This helps people remember your brand in many situations.

Versatile Design Options

Personalized tissue printing lets companies be creative. You can add your logo, contact info, or even QR codes. Alibaba Printing offers many design choices. This way, you can match your marketing to your audience’s needs.

Types of Custom Wallet Tissues Available

Alibaba Printing is your go-to for a variety of custom tissue printing options. They offer products perfect for promotions or enhancing your brand. Their selection of personalized wallet tissue fits many marketing strategies.

custom tissue printing

  1. 2-Ply Tissues: Great for daily use, these are sold in 8 or 10 packs. They strike a good balance between softness and strength. This makes them a favored choice.
  2. 3-Ply Tissues: Needing something thicker? The 3-ply tissues offer more absorption. They come in 8 or 10 packs too, providing extra comfort and value.

Alibaba Printing lets businesses pick the best tissue option and pack size. This ensures your personalized wallet tissue meets both promotional and financial needs.

Type of Wallet Tissue Ply Pieces per Pack
Standard 2-Ply 8 or 10
Premium 3-Ply 8 or 10

Design Options for Custom Wallet Tissues

Alibaba Printing offers a wide range of design choices for custom wallet tissues. These options help brands share their message uniquely and effectively. Available features include:

Logo Printing

Putting your logo on custom wallet tissues boosts brand awareness. Alibaba Printing uses top-notch printing techniques. This ensures logos look clear and memorable to customers.

Contact Information Inclusion

Adding important contact info like phone numbers and email addresses on your tissues makes it easy for customers to reach you. This way, potential clients can easily find how to contact your business.

QR Code Integration

QR codes on wallet tissues are a modern touch. They connect paper materials to digital content. Users can scan to find deals, visit your website, or shop online, increasing your audience engagement.

Quality of Wallet Tissue Printing in Singapore

Alibaba Printing leads the way in high-quality wallet tissue printing in Singapore. They use advanced printing machines for every custom tissue print job. This ensures precision and excellence, no matter the job size.

Their printing technology makes colors vibrant and details sharp, meeting top industry standards. Their commitment to quality marks them as the best choice for businesses. Companies looking for lasting and eye-catching marketing materials prefer them.

For those looking for Singapore custom tissue printing, Alibaba Printing surpasses expectations. Their tissues are durable and have great print quality. This helps carry a brand’s message far and wide, making sure it reaches many people.

Innovative Uses of Custom Wallet Tissue

Alibaba Printing offers unique tissue printing. It’s great for different uses, helping brands stand out through cool wallet tissue prints. These tissues make any campaign feel more personal and impactful.

Event Promotions

Need something for event promos? Try custom wallet tissues. They’re small and handy, perfect for giving out at events. Plus, special tissue prints make your brand pop. They’re useful, so people will remember and appreciate your brand.

Corporate Gifts

Make corporate gifts unique with wallet tissue printing. Add your logo and a thank-you note. This shows you care, beyond the usual gifts. It boosts your brand in a meaningful way.

Personalized Messages

Use wallet tissues for special messages. Printed tissues let you talk to your audience in a cool way. This beats old-school flyers. People get your message and won’t forget it.

How Wallet Tissue Printing Works

The wallet tissue printing process at Alibaba Printing starts with a detailed chat. They get to know what the client wants for their brand. This ensures that each design detail helps to create effective, tailored marketing materials. Then, they design the wallet tissues, making sure they show off the business’s unique look.

Alibaba Printing uses top-notch printing tech for sharp, high-quality images on the tissues. This tech lets them add logos, contact info, and ads. It makes the tissues both useful and good-looking as marketing tools.

The team at Alibaba Printing knows a lot about marketing. They make sure the final products click with the target audience. This way, the printing process creates custom tissues that get the marketing message across. It boosts brand awareness and draws more attention.

Choosing the Right Ply and Quantity

Picking the right ply and quantity for your custom wallet tissues is key for a great marketing tool. Alibaba Printing provides various wallet tissue ply options and pack sizes. They match your marketing needs perfectly.

2-Ply vs. 3-Ply

When choosing between 2-ply and 3-ply tissues, consider their durability and comfort. 2-ply tissues are thinner but more cost-effective, ideal for big marketing efforts. Meanwhile, 3-ply tissues are softer and stronger. They give a touch of luxury that impresses clients. The choice of ply should match your audience and the message you wish to send.

Pack Sizes

Alibaba Printing also offers different pack sizes for personalized tissue printing services. You can pick packs with either 8 or 10 tissues. This choice lets you manage your campaign’s scale and budget better. Getting the right pack size makes your marketing more powerful and efficient.

Features 2-Ply 3-Ply
Durability Good Excellent
Softness Moderate High
Cost Lower Higher
Pack Size Options (Pieces) 8 or 10 8 or 10

Why Choose Alibaba Printing for Custom Wallet Tissues

If you’re looking for personalized marketing tools in Singapore, Alibaba Printing is a great choice. They excel in making custom wallet tissues. Their focus on high-quality printing and pleasing customers sets them apart as a top option.

Alibaba Printing custom tissues

High-Quality Printing

Alibaba Printing uses advanced printing tech to ensure top-notch quality for all its custom tissues. Each item is checked carefully to make sure it perfectly reflects your brand. This attention to detail guarantees your message looks clear and professional.

Flexible Order Quantities

Alibaba Printing is ready to handle any size order, big or small. You can order anywhere from 100 to thousands of packs. They make sure your business’s needs are met without sacrificing quality, regardless of the order size.

Exceptional Customer Service

Their customer service is impressive, from the first meeting to quick delivery. The team at Alibaba Printing works hard to make sure every customer has a smooth experience. They offer great prices and quick turnaround times, showing they care about value and speed.

Alibaba Printing is highly rated, with a 4.4 on Google, making them a leading choice for Singapore wallet tissue customization. They help businesses stand out with their quality and creative tissue printing solutions.

Customer Testimonials

Alibaba Printing knows how important customer opinions are in today’s market. They focus on great service. This shows in the good things their customers say about Singapore wallet tissue customization.

“Alibaba Printing delivered our customized wallet tissues on time, and the quality exceeded our expectations. Their team was highly responsive and helpful throughout the process.”

Customers like how fast Alibaba Printing works and their fair prices. Someone said, “The wallet tissues we ordered were affordable and high quality. Everything went smoothly from beginning to end.

Another client talked about the perks of Singapore wallet tissue customization:

“Integrating QR codes on the wallet tissues has provided tremendous value for our promotions. Our clients loved the practicality of the wallet tissues and the innovative design.”

Client feedback shows Alibaba Printing’s commitment to great service and creative marketing solutions. Their strong reputation in Singapore comes from consistent positive reviews and a focus on making customers happy.

Feedback Aspects Customer Remarks
Customer Support Extremely helpful and responsive
Turnaround Time Quick delivery services
Pricing Competitively priced offers
Product Quality Superior quality of custom wallet tissues

Alibaba Printing is praised for its dependable and efficient service. They are a go-to for businesses looking for wallet tissue customization in Singapore.


In Singapore’s busy business world, Alibaba Printing stands out. They’re the top choice for customizing wallet tissues. Their services are unmatched, tailored to meet individual branding needs. With their expertise, brands can connect with their audience in a memorable, practical way.

Alibaba Printing is known for its quality. They use the latest printing technology. They can handle orders of any size with ease. The wallet tissues they produce are high-quality, with bright colors and durability. These products make any marketing campaign shine.

What really sets Alibaba Printing apart is their focus on customers. They offer great service, fast turnaround, and good prices. This has made them leaders in the wallet tissue printing market. For businesses wanting to boost their marketing with unique, high-quality items, Alibaba Printing is the answer.


What are the benefits of custom wallet tissue printing?

Custom wallet tissue printing is a cost-effective way to market your brand. It offers high visibility and many design options. These wallet tissues are practical, innovative, and increase brand recognition.

What types of custom wallet tissues are available at Alibaba Printing?

At Alibaba Printing, you can choose from 2-ply or 3-ply wallet tissues. There are options for 8 or 10 tissues per pack. This flexibility meets different needs and budgets.

Can I include my company logo and contact information on the wallet tissues?

Yes, you can customize wallet tissues at Alibaba Printing with your logo and contact details. Add promotions and QR codes for more interaction. This enhances your audience’s engagement.

What makes wallet tissue printing a cost-effective marketing tool?

Wallet tissue printing is a smart investment. It combines practicality with advertising, offering more value than flyers. Tissues are used often, giving your brand more exposure.

How does Alibaba Printing ensure high-quality wallet tissue printing in Singapore?

Alibaba Printing uses advanced printing technology for vibrant colors and clear designs. They are committed to high standards. Their printing shows your brand in the best light.

What are some innovative uses of custom wallet tissues?

Use custom wallet tissues for events, corporate gifts, or personalized campaigns. They’re versatile for creative branding. This makes them key for engaging with customers.

How does the wallet tissue printing process work at Alibaba Printing?

The process starts with understanding your brand’s needs. Then, design and customization happen. Finally, top-notch printing brings your vision to life.

What factors should I consider when choosing the ply and quantity for wallet tissues?

Think about the feel of 2-ply versus 3-ply tissues. Also, consider the number of tissues per pack based on your budget and campaign size.

Why should I choose Alibaba Printing for custom wallet tissues in Singapore?

Alibaba Printing is known for quality printing and flexible order sizes. They offer fast delivery and great design at good prices. Their top-notch service has earned them a high Google rating.

What do customers say about Alibaba Printing’s wallet tissue printing services?

Customers love Alibaba Printing for their quick, helpful service and great prices. They also praise the quality of the wallet tissues. This shows Alibaba Printing’s commitment to satisfaction.

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