Custom Printed Gift Tissue Paper in Singapore

Ever thought how adding custom printed gift tissue paper could change your product’s look? In Singapore, Alibaba Printing leads in personalized packaging. They ensure every detail highlights your brand’s value.

It doesn’t matter if you run a small business or a big company. The right packaging makes a huge difference. Alibaba Printing’s custom tissue paper can make your product stand out. It shows you care about how your product looks and feels.

Find out how Alibaba Printing in Singapore can make your customers remember you. Their custom printed gift tissue paper adds that special touch. See the big difference a small change can make.

The Benefits of Custom Printed Gift Tissue Paper

Custom printed gift tissue paper is more than just wrapping. It’s a key way to boost your brand visibility. With stylish and unique designs, your business can protect products and show off the quality. This matters a lot.

Enhancing Brand Visibility

Custom printed gift tissue paper makes your brand stand out. It ties your logo and colors to good customer feelings. Alibaba Printing offers this, turning every unboxing into a chance to remember your brand.

Personalized Packaging

Choosing personalized gift wrapping tissue gives your packaging a special touch. This shows your attention to detail and customization. It leaves a strong impression on customers.

Customer Experience

Using bespoke gift tissue paper improves customer satisfaction. It gives a luxury feel to unpacking, showing your brand’s value. Alibaba Printing is good at these custom services. They make sure every customer feels special.

Popular Uses for Custom Printed Tissue Paper

Custom printed tissue paper is perfect for many businesses. It makes brands stand out with its look and feel. If you run a store, an online shop, or need gifts for events, this tissue paper meets your needs.

Retail Stores

Retail stores improve their packaging with custom tissue paper. It’s popular in Singapore, from big boutiques to small shops. This tissue paper wraps various items, making them look better and showing attention to quality.

Online Businesses

For online shops, packaging is the first thing customers see. So, a great unpacking experience can make your brand memorable. Custom tissue paper does more than protect items—it makes customers remember your brand positively.

Corporate Events

Custom tissue paper is great for corporate event gifts, too. It makes any promotional item or thank-you gift feel more special. This fancy packaging keeps your company’s image strong and sophisticated.

Use Case Purpose Benefit
Retail Stores Retail Branding Enhances product appeal and brand quality.
Online Businesses Online Business Packaging Improves unboxing experience and customer satisfaction.
Corporate Events Corporate Event Giveaways Elevates the value and perception of event giveaways.

Customization Options Available at Alibaba Printing

Alibaba Printing offers many ways to make custom logo tissue paper unique for every business. You can choose the size, thickness, color, and how you want it printed. This lets businesses create packaging that stands out and speaks to their brand.

Size Options

Size customization is very important for tissue paper. Alibaba Printing has sizes from 30 X 30 cm to as big as 155 X 200 cm. This means the tissue paper can fit different products, making it versatile and useful.

Thickness and GSM Choices

Alibaba Printing understands that the right thickness is key for tissue paper. It offers thickness from 17 to 30 GSM. This choice lets businesses decide between soft or strong packaging. It keeps products safe and looks great.

Base Color Choices

Choosing the right base color is also crucial. Alibaba Printing lets businesses pick from many colors to match their brand. This detail makes the custom tissue paper both practical and a true expression of the brand.

Printing Options

The full-color printing options Alibaba Printing offers are top of the line. You can pick from simple 1-color print to detailed full-color designs. This way, businesses can design their tissue paper to perfectly match their brand’s look and feel.

custom logo tissue paper

Customization Option Details
Size Customization From 30 X 30 cm up to 155 X 200 cm
GSM Thickness Choice 17 GSM to 30 GSM
Base Color Selection Wide range of colors
Full-Color Printing Options 1-color to full-color prints

Bulk ordering is an option too. This means businesses can keep their look consistent across all products. By using these customization features, brands can create something unique. That way, they truly connect with their customers.

How to Design Your Personalized Gift Tissue Paper

Designing personalized gift tissue paper can make your brand stand out. It creates a lasting impression on your customers. With Alibaba Printing, you can make packaging that reflects your brand identity with elegance.

Choosing the Right Colors and Patterns

Starting with the right colors and patterns is key. They should match your brand’s feel. Alibaba Printing has lots of options to bring your brand to life.

Incorporating Your Logo and Brand Message

Adding your logo and message is important for making your brand known. It must be done in a way that adds to the design, not overpowers it. Alibaba Printing can help you get this right.

Tips for an Effective Design

For standout gift tissue paper, think about these design tips:

  • Consistency: Stay true to your brand’s look to help people recognize it.
  • Simplicity: Choose designs that are simple yet beautiful. They should complement the main packaging.
  • Get professional help for a sophisticated design. Alibaba Printing is there to make your ideas come to life.

By following these suggestions, your customized gift tissue paper will do more than protect your products. It will also be a strong part of your branding.

Why Choose Custom Logo Tissue Paper

Choosing custom printed tissue paper offers a unique opportunity for brand differentiation in a crowded marketplace. By integrating logo-emblazoned tissue paper in your packaging, you elevate the unboxing experience. This contributes to a premium packaging feel that delights customers.

This attention to detail can significantly reinforce a brand’s image and promote long-lasting customer loyalty.

Alibaba Printing provides an accessible solution for businesses to incorporate their logos onto tissue paper seamlessly. This adds a layer of sophistication. It also ensures consistency across all packaging materials. Your brand becomes synonymous with quality and thoughtfulness.

Opting for custom printed tissue paper offers the chance for premium packaging directly targeting your audience. It transforms ordinary packaging into a memorable experience. This makes your products stand out, whether on a retail shelf or in online orders.

Feature Benefit
Custom Design Options Aligns with brand aesthetics and marketing strategy
Logo Emblazoned Tissue Paper Reinforces brand identity and visibility
Premium Material Quality Enhances customer experience and product perception

In conclusion, investing in custom printed tissue paper is a strategic move. It fosters brand loyalty and creates a premium impression. By using logo-emblazoned tissue paper, businesses can effectively stand out while delivering a high-end unboxing experience.

Ordering Process and Turnaround Time

Alibaba Printing offers an easy process for ordering custom printed gift tissue paper. It fits businesses of all sizes. They make sure your order is quality-made and arrives on time.

Minimum Order Quantity

They set a fair minimum order quantity for custom orders. It works well for both big and small companies. You can order just what you need.

Design Approval and Proofing

They have a detailed design proof approval process before production starts. It makes sure the final product matches your vision. You get to review and approve proofs. This ensures you’re happy before anything goes forward.

design proof approval

Payment Options

Alibaba Printing understands different business needs, offering payment flexibility. You can pay with credit cards, PayPal, or bank transfers. They make paying easy, no matter your preference.

Steps Details
1. Initial Inquiry Discussion of requirements and customization options
2. Minimum Order Quantity Setting a feasible minimum order quantity suitable for your business
3. Design Proof Approval Clients review and approve design proofs before production
4. Payment Flexible payment options including credit card, PayPal, and bank transfers
5. Turnaround Time 3 to 3.5 weeks after design confirmation

You get your personalized gift wrapping tissue in 3 to 3.5 weeks after the design is confirmed. Alibaba Printing makes sure the quality is top-notch and quick to reach you.

Best Practices for Using Custom Printed Gift Tissue Paper

To make your custom printed gift tissue paper last longer and look great, follow these tips. By working with Alibaba Printing, a top custom gift tissue paper supplier, your packaging will stay colorful and fresh. This reflects your brand’s quality and attention to detail.

Proper Storage

Keeping your printed tissue paper in great shape is easy with these storage tips. Store it in a cool, dry area away from sunlight and moisture. This prevents damage or fading. Keep it flat in a secure container to avoid wrinkles and tears.

Wrapping Techniques

Improving your gift wrapping techniques can make your gifts stand out. Fold neatly and show off the print. Adding a unique touch, like a branded ribbon, makes opening your gift special.

Combining with Other Packaging Materials

Mix your custom printed gift tissue paper with other packaging items for the best look. Use boxes, stickers, and ribbons that match your tissue paper’s style. This creates a polished and coordinated appearance, boosting your brand and enhancing the unboxing joy.

  1. Store your tissue paper in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.
  2. Use proper gift wrapping techniques to highlight the design.
  3. Pair with matching packaging materials for a cohesive packaging look.
Item Tips Purpose
Storage Keep in a cool, dry place Prevent damage and fade
Wrapping Use crisp folds Showcase design
Combining Use complementary materials Enhanced branding

Bulk Orders and Discounts

Ordering custom printed tissue paper in bulk from Alibaba Printing has many benefits. It means you always have branded tissue paper on hand. Plus, you get big cost savings with bulk orders.

Cost Benefits of Ordering in Bulk

Buying in bulk saves money. It lets businesses get their custom printed tissue paper at much lower prices per piece. This smart move helps keep a steady supply and cuts packaging costs.

Special Discounts for Large Orders

Alibaba Printing offers great discounts for big orders. This makes bulk custom printed tissue paper a smart choice for any business. It’s a cost-effective way to boost your packaging and branding.

Order Quantity Discount Rate Per Unit Cost
1,000 – 5,000 Sheets 10% off $0.25
5,001 – 10,000 Sheets 15% off $0.20
10,001 – 20,000 Sheets 20% off $0.16
20,001+ Sheets 25% off $0.12

Customer Testimonials and Past Work

Alibaba Printing shines in custom printed gift tissue paper. Their work speaks volumes about their quality. They have a variety of projects showcased.

Success Stories

Many businesses have seen great success with Alibaba Printing. A well-known Singapore boutique improved its packaging. This change increased their customer satisfaction by 35%.

Another success story is an e-commerce store that made their unboxing special. They saw a 20% increase in customers coming back.

Client Feedback

Clients love Alibaba Printing’s work. One client said the custom tissue paper made their packages look elegant. It reflected their brand perfectly.

Another client was inspired by their past projects. This gave them confidence to choose Alibaba Printing for their needs.

Visual Portfolio

Alibaba Printing has a detailed visual portfolio for future clients. It shows off their custom tissue paper designs. The portfolio is both a showcase and inspiration.

Client Industry Feedback Results
Top Boutique Store Retail “Elegantly enhances our brand image.” 35% increase in customer satisfaction
E-commerce Shop Online Retail “Innovative unboxing experience.” 20% boost in repeat purchases
Corporate Event Corporate “Added sophistication to our giveaways.” Higher attendee engagement


Alibaba Printing offers top-notch custom printed gift tissue paper in Singapore. They focus on making each product special for their clients. Their work highlights how important unique packaging is today.

Choosing Alibaba Printing means aiming to leave a mark with your packaging and branding. They prioritize customer satisfaction and strive for the best in personalized packaging. If you want your brand to stand out, Alibaba Printing’s custom printed gift tissue paper in Singapore is a smart choice.

Contact Alibaba Printing

If you’re in Singapore and want to make your packaging special, Alibaba Printing is here to help. We’ve been making customers happy for a long time. Our team is committed to creating custom packaging that fits exactly what you need.

Do you need unique tissue paper or other printing services? Alibaba Printing is here for you. Our experts love to talk about your ideas. They’ll give you advice and detailed quotes to make your ideas come to life.

Find us at LINK@AMK, 3 Ang Mo Kio Street 62, #02-02, Singapore 569139. Or call us at +65 91461431. Choose Alibaba Printing for standout custom packaging that will impress everyone.


What are the benefits of using custom printed gift tissue paper for my business?

Custom printed gift tissue paper boosts your brand’s visibility. It’s a personal way to package products. It makes the unboxing special, showing you value your brand and customer care.

How can I use custom printed tissue paper in my retail store?

Use it to wrap clothes, handmade items, and gifts in your store. It adds a pro look to your items and supports your brand.

What are the customization options available at Alibaba Printing?

Alibaba Printing has many custom choices. Sizes range from 30 X 30 cm to 155 X 200 cm. Thickness varies from 17 to 30 GSM, with many colors.

Printing can be from 1-color to full-color. This lets you make unique tissue paper that fits your brand’s style.

What factors should I consider when designing my personalized gift tissue paper?

Choose colors and designs that match your brand. Add your logo and message in key spots. Alibaba Printing offers design help to get your message right.

Why should I choose custom logo tissue paper?

Custom logo tissue paper helps your products stand out. It offers a luxury experience. Your packaging will look elegant, matching your luxurious brand image.

What is the minimum order quantity for custom designs, and what is the turnaround time?

The minimum order for customized designs is quite low. Orders take 3 to 3.5 weeks after design approval. This ensures fast delivery and great quality.

How should I store and use custom printed gift tissue paper to ensure its longevity?

Storing it right is crucial to avoid damage and color fading. Alibaba Printing provides storage and use tips. They include wrapping methods and pairing with other packaging for a beautiful look.

What are the cost benefits of ordering custom printed tissue paper in bulk?

Buying in bulk gets you discounts. It’s cheaper over time and keeps you stocked with your branded packaging.

Can I see examples of Alibaba Printing’s past work and customer testimonials?

Yes, you can see Alibaba Printing’s portfolio and customer reviews. These stories and reviews show how custom packaging improves your brand and customer happiness. They can spark ideas for your designs.

How can I contact Alibaba Printing for personalized gift tissue paper design and printing?

Contact Alibaba Printing at LINK@AMK, 3 Ang Mo Kio Street 62, #02-02, Singapore 569139. Or call +65 91461431. They can chat about your project, offer advice, and give price quotes for your custom packaging needs.

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