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Are you looking for details on must-have elements in envelope printing? If you are, Alibaba Printing will tell you what you need to know to help you prepare the information before heading out to the printing company.


Businesses know that envelopes are just as important as the content in it. If they are not well-designed, clients are not motivated to open them, which will end your chance of sending your message to your customers. It is vital to consider applying the right marketing strategy before sending out the mails.


Here are some of the essential elements in marketing that you can incorporate for your campaign in a direct-mail sales letter.


  • Plan Ahead – the copy, design, message, and size of your company envelopes matter and should be discussed in the planning stage of your campaign. For your sales letter to be a success, your receivers should read it, which is why the envelopes should be enticing enough wherein they are excited to open and check out what is inside. Write down the goals of your campaign, the actions that your receivers might take, and how your envelopes can become an effective introduction.
  • Awesome List of Receivers – this is a basic part of direct-mail marketing wherein the campaign for your sales letters must meet the standards of your audience that are highly targeted. There is a 40/40/20 rule wherein 40% of the direct mail success depends on the mailing list quality. You need to understand who your customers are and what motivates them to open the envelopes, and what you offer is beneficial for them wherein they are likely to respond positively.
  • Offer and Call to Action Must be Included – this does not mean the end-all-be-all, final call to action. The call to action of your envelope is to open it and see what is inside using words like ‘Open immediately – and learn the..,’ it gives the audience a reason to open the envelope and read the contents.
  • Design is Alluring – vivid images with attractive colors and bold headlines can grab the receiver’s eyes quickly. Make sure the envelopes will stand out over all the junk mail that they also receive. But it will also depend on the nature of the sales letter wherein you can include other graphic elements. Envelopes usually look like confidential material, which is why you have to create the right combination of details to make sure your brand won’t end up looking cheap because of a dull and not well-designed envelope.
  • Test and Repeat – even the slightest variation can have an impact on your campaign in terms of envelope size, design, and copy. You can test out different envelopes on a smaller market segment before doing the full-scale campaign. Track down the response so that you can compare which one shows a higher ROI. Repeat the mailings by sending out another sales letter like a full-color postcard direct-mail marketing. You want your prospects to keep your brand fresh in their minds. For best results, you can try mailing six weeks apart.


If you do it right, you will reap the benefits later on.




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