The Plan for Flyer Distribution

The Plan for Flyer Distribution

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The flyer is considered as one of the oldest

forms of marketing aside from shop signs.

Even if internet marketing is becoming

popular this days, flyers are still an effective

way to promote a business or something. Do

an experiment to see the effectiveness of

flyer printing and flyer distribution.





Start a simple test by creating a flyer first. Try to promote some product, promo or event

in your business with just less information. Try not to include any URL or page on your

flyer and see if sales come in.




Print out at least 100 pieces of flyers as a start. This is a good number to give you

results just will help out with your decisions later. This will also not take too much of

your time distributing.


Try to do door-to-door and deliver those 100 pieces of flyers which will make it be useful

on targeting each potential customer on the neighborhood.





When you are done with this simple test, then the next thing you need to do is to check

your sales over the next month to see if you test has been successful. You can also use

some special URLs or coupon codes to attract more customer and earn more.






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