Things to Consider in Flyer Printing and Distribution

Things to Consider in Flyer Printing and Distribution

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Before flyer printing and flyer distribution,

there are some things that you need to

consider for you to relay the correct

message to the right people.



Message. Make sure to make your message

clear that would make your customer or

audience know what you are trying to say. Make your announcement as concise as

possible. Check everything first if you are satisfied before printing it.



Timing. It is obvious that flyers are made of paper and would not last long. You need to

check first your local weather before you hand out or hang your flyer. You would not

want to waste your effort just to make your flyers get wet and means nothing.




Audience. Consider who your target audience are for it is another thing to hand those

to the right people. It is not that effective to just randomly give out your flyers to




Distribution Method. Plan out on how you would distribute your flyer. You can opt

hanging them on public areas, handing them to people directly, keeping a stack of flyers

to busy areas or delivering those door to door.



Distribution Team. Have a network of help than distributing your flyers alone. If you are

promoting a business, your staff can help you out or you can recruit family and friends.



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