Things to Know Before Distributing Your Flyers!


Things to Know Before Distributing Your Flyers!





There are many guides out there that tells each reader on how to do it and some of it might be effective while some are not.

For many years, people are still designing, planning and distributing flyers the wrong way which limits the desired outcome.


Here are some tips to remember before dispersing the flyers.




Never use the business’ name as the headline of each flyer.

These flyers are ads and not business cards.

Potential customers will be interested only in the services offered by the promo or event.


Pass Along


One of the most underrated lines in the business.

It would not hurt if people used this line- “If you are not interested, please pass it along to someone else”.

It will not cost another dime by adding that one-liner, instead it will even pay off big time.


Back to Back


Using the extra room for another promotion is like hitting two birds with one stone.

The cost of printing the on the backside is nothing compared to the missed opportunities.


Always Test


The use of flyers when it comes to advertising is one of the best and cheapest ways of getting the information out.

Always track responses from customers by posting deadlines, offers, and promotions.






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